Animals Around Me is a discovery kit that has scenes from Neighborhood Animals and Baby MacDonald. It was released on November 23rd, 2010. It is once again hosted Red Pavlov 1.0. It also has Betsy The Cow as the central focus of the farm


Red Pavlov 1.0 (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Quackamus The Duck (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Knee Deep The Frog (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Misty The Blue Mouse (puppeteered by Julie Clark)

Chila The Blue Mouse (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Lily The Pink Mouse (puppeteered by Markie Schoulz)

Betsy the Cow (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Sugar The Orange And Black Cat (puppeteered by Julie Clark)

Nathan The Horse (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Oinky The Pig (puppeteered by Mark Burr)

Roger The Rooster (puppeteered by Mark Burr)





Feature Show:

Baby Einstein Theater curtains open after Julie Clark’s opening speech.

Opening Montage (Tsar Sultan,Tsar’s Farewell,Animal’s Processional Part 1,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Opening Titles (Tsar Sultan,Tsar’s Farewell Variation,Animal’s Processional Part 2,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Hot Air Balloon floats to three houses. (Dance Of The Hours,Ponchielli)

Toy: Rainbow Hot Air Balloon by Authentic Models,Inc.

RP 1.0 turns on the TV,showing a picture of a dog. He then grabs his bone, and then playfully runs away.

Re-edited Music Video:Dog (Contradance No. 10,Puppy Play,Beethoven)

The Great Dalmatian Chase by DYTOY.

A living room appears with a TV showing the picture of a cat.

Re-edited Music Video:Cat (Contradance No. 6,Koala’s Hide And Seek,Beethoven)

Spiral Cat Mobile by West Coast Design Studios.

A backyard picture at someone’s house is shown.

Sugar looks at the TV to a picture of a bird. She then hides herself below.

Re-edited Music Video:Bird (Snow Maiden,Dance Of The Birds,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Toy:Woodpecker by Petra Toys.

Flying Geese by Bohemian Crafts Company.

RP 1.0 looks at the TV to see a picture of a bug. He then hears buzzing and tries to find where it is.

Re-edited Music Video:Bug (Flight Of The Bumblebee,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Toys: Dottie Ladybug by Charm Company and Praying Mantis Puppet by Platte River Trading.

A bug walks closer to the camera and then laughs.

Hot Air Balloon floats to a park.(Dance Of The Hours,Ponchielli)

Toy:Rainbow Hot Air Balloon by Authentic Models Inc.

RP 1.0 looks at the TV and sees a picture of a rabbit. He then puts on a rabbit nose with teeth on the bottom and hops away.

Re-edited Music Video:Rabbit (Cappricio Espagnol,Alborada,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Toy:Rabbit In Hat by Folkmanis Puppets.

Rabbit In Hat by Folkmanis Puppets.

Misty turns on the TV to show a picture of a mouse.

Re-edited Music Video:Mouse (Contradance No. 3,The Lizard Chase,Beethoven)

Puppet Show:Two blue mice eat food but then have a food fight,then suddenly the pink mouse mother spots then and the blue mice run away.

RP 1.0 and Knee Deep have a jumping contest in front of the TV showing a picture of a frog.

Re-edited Music Video:Frog (Sonata E Major,The Seahorse Water Ballet,Scarlatti)

Toy:Farley Frog Lollipuppet by Manhattan Toy.

Wind-Up Frog by Merry Thoughts,Inc.

Quackamus Jr waddles with other ducks until he sees the TV showing the picture of a duck until RP 1.0 quacks at him and scares him.

Re-edited Music Video:Duck (Canon,Pachelbel)

Walking Duck by Charm Company.

Knee Deep the Frog croaks and a The Immortal Duck quacks until they change sounds.

Hot Air Balloon floats to the farm. (Dance Of The Hours, Ponchielli)

Exploring The Farm (Old Macdonald Had A Farm,Traditional)

Betsy carries a milk bucket and moos in front of the TV with a picture of a cow.

Re-edited Music Video:Cow (Old Macdonald Had A Farm,Traditional)

Toy:Cool Cow Cone Puppet by Petra Toys.

Betsy wears a cowboy outfit and whinnies like a horse in front of the TV with the picture of a horse.

Re-edited Music Video:Horse (Old Macdonald Had A Farm,Traditional)

Betsy wears a pig snout and snorts in front of the TV with the picture of a pig. She then sings with Nathan And Oinky.

Re-edited Music Video:Pig (Old Macdonald Had A Farm,Traditional)

Nathan throws away 2 hays but Betsy catches him the third time and Oinky Rides a tracker

Flying Pink Cow by Bohemian Crafts Company.

Roger sleeps until Betsy rings a cowbell and Roger wakes up and crows and a picture of 4 chickens is shown

Music Video:Chicken (Snowbird On The Ashbank,Traditional)

Roger stands still next to something holding an egg, Betsy steals the egg and Roger crows starting the Parade, Oinky, Knee Deep and RP 1.0 follow

Closing Montage and Closing Credits (Capriccio Espagnol,Fandango,Rimsky-Korsakov)

Hot Air Balloon floats away until the next exploring adventure.


Some Scenes Appear On Neighborhood Animals And Baby Macdonald.

This was the first video to have Mark Burr as one of the puppeteers.

The next Discovery Kit of exploring animals and nature will be Wild Animal Safari.

This Is Roger's Last Appearance before Kids II begin to acquire and take down all BE Vids