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Arik Sitting

Arik Hazen (born February 1, 1976) is a close friend to Morris the moose, and in 1979 later taught him Romanian language.


Born in Romania in 1976, he was taught Romanian at 2, later teaching a red moose named Morris the same language.

He now goes worldwide, teaching kids Romainian languages.


In 1997, 21-year-old Arik Hazen portrayed Morris in many movies owned by the Baby Einstein company.

Voicing and portraying Morris, Hazen quit acting in 2002, going back to language teaching.


He still teaches languages, and also teaches art, and teaches kids how to play basketball, as he was a professional, and to jump on the trampoline.

Sometimes he loses weight by doing his own teaching sports.

Favorite food

Arik Hazen developed a love for vintage burgundy from his home country.

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