Aspen and the purple cow in Baby Shakespeare

Aspen Clark (born 1994) is Sierra Clark's sister, and Julie Clark's oldest daughter. She joined Baby Einstein in 1997.

Aspen was born on October 26, 1994

Aspen's first appearance was in Language Nursery, she was playing Peek-A-Boo with her parents. She was 1 year old when she appeared Language Nursery

Her second appearance was in Baby Mozart, she played with the Puppeteer during the credits. She was 3 years old when she appeared Baby Mozart.

Her third appearance was in Baby Bach, she told a joke; "Why did Mozart get rid of all his chickens? Because they kept going "Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach!" At the end of the movie, they filmed her reaction to the idea of this movie. Her response was "The video of me is over? I'm not the star anymore?", she wore black clothes. She was 4 years old when she appeared Baby Bach.

Her fourth appearance was in Baby Shakespeare, she wore a blue sweatshirt sang the alphabet, along with five others: Sierra, Dakota and Dylan Snyder, Madeline Pluto, and Gabrielle Margas. She was 5 years old when she appeared Baby Shakespeare.

Her fifth appearance was in Baby Van Gogh, she appeared 3 scenes. First, the yellow skit, she appeared with Mia Mattheis in yellow streamers, each one throwing streamers playfully at one another. Second, the orange skit, she appeared with Gabriel Mazon and Brad Boller. She was one of the kids to exclaim the color orange. At the end of the purple section, she was in a princess outfit picking a flower and yet again saying the color, purple this time. She was 6 years old when she appeared Baby Van Gogh.

Her last appearance was in Baby Santa's Music Box, where she and Sierra were next to each other. The same take was used at the end credits, behind the scenes. She was 7 years old when she appeared Baby Santa.

Personal Life

Aspen, Sierra, and Julie currently live in Denver, Colorado.


Language Nursery- 1996 - 2004

Baby Mozart- 1998 - 2004

Baby Bach- 1999 - 2004

Baby Shakespeare- 2000 - 2004

Baby Van Gogh- 2000 - 2004

Baby Santa's Music Box - 2000 - 2004