Baby's First Sounds is a 38 minutes video of a long video the bee learn Baby's First Sounds, it was released on March 11, 2008. A bonus puppet show has 1 member of the Godrod family which is Stella the cat. It has the DVD bonus feature a sneak peek of Einstein Pals. Bard's Sister Ella is in a Bonus Puppet Show.
Baby Einstein Baby's First Sounds (2008) - Clip TV spot 30 sec, pre00:30

Baby Einstein Baby's First Sounds (2008) - Clip TV spot 30 sec, pre

Starring: Puppets

Bumblette The Bee

Neighton The Horse

Baabra the sheep

Duncan the Cow

Henry the Hippo

Mozart the Koala

Bard the blue boss bird

Vincent Van red bird

Mimi the Monkey Girl

Da vinci the Monkey Boy

Olivia the Owl (as a puppet in a bonus puppet show)

Quacker the Duck (In cartoon)

Pavlov The Dog (in cartoon)

Beethoven The Giraffe (in a bonus puppet show)

Stella The Orange And Black Cat(in a bonus puppet show)

Sidney the blue squirrel (after the credits)

Rudy the Reindeer (in a bonus puppet show)

Ella (Bard's Sister) (in a bonus puppet show)

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