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White Rikki Rooster From The 2004 Version Of Baby Bach


2000-2002 Vesion

Baby Einstein Baby Bach (2007) - Clip First Half Second Half - Not COMPLETE02:21

Baby Einstein Baby Bach (2007) - Clip First Half Second Half - Not COMPLETE

Baby Bach

Baby Bach is a Baby Einstein home video released in 1999 & is the 3rd film in the series

Bach's video

  • Warning Screen (with Baby Mozart tune up)
  • A bunch of white chickens march in a straight line. Toccata in D, (replaced in 2004 by a bunch of rikki roosters).
  • Opening Titles (Minuet in G)
  • Twirling winkel
  • Toys in motion Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, BWV 1050, 3rd Movement [[Balls stairs & chute toy]] [[kinetic art]]
  • A toy red fire truck appears on the screen.
  • Hand instruments Sierra Clark playing with rattle toy keyboard & a dragon puppet  Singing the Opera long and Closes his mouth And Walks away!
  • plush mouse in cheese xylophone Sierra
  • Toys in Motion Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, BWV 147 (spinning top, rocking sun, bubble blowing bear (replaced in 2004 by a bubble blowing monkey)
  • Balloons go up!
  • Winter sports Brandenburg Concerto No 4 BWV 1049 1st Movement ceramic figures sledding down fake hill & skating on fake pond ceramic musical bears replaced by musical people
  • A black robot and a teal robot are shown (Toccata in D)
  • The robots dance (Cantata No. 140)
  • Blown instruments Sierra blowing toy trumpet a couple toy trumpets octopus puppet saxophone giraffe later replaced by cat toy trumpet with bird Sierra
  • Pennies are being put into a green truck bank. The truck drives away with an old-fashioned car horn noise.
  • Fluid motion (Brandenburg Concert No. 2, BWV 1047, 3rd Movement (plasma ball lamp, disco light, [[Form S, [[spiral
  • A Chicken appears bawking away It then it stops & then Aspen Clark Julie Aigner Clarks other daughter tells a joke Why did Mozart get rid of all his chickens Because they kept going BACH BACH BACH BACH Then The adults that heard it laugh.
  • Dancing toys (Flute sonata in Eb, BWV 1031, 3rd Movement (cat, fish, giraffe, chicken, flower))
  • Streamers (Minuet in G)
  • A barnyard pop up toy is shown Buttons are pressed on a control panel causing farm animals 2 pop out of their doors & make their corresponding sounds The last 1 is a farmer who says "Howdy!"
  • Strummed instruments Sierra playing bongos lap harp dinosaur in egg puppet accordion owl ukulele, Sierra wearing sunglasses
  • Fluid Motion (Orchestral Suite No. 3, Air, BWV 1068 (lava lamp, disco light))
  • Goldberg Suite with 2 of the same Baby Einstein character in bottom corners Bach Rabbit & Clowns Orchestral Tune Up  (the clowns were not featured in the orchestral tune up in 2004)
  • Toy carnival (Goldberg Variation No. 1, BWV 998 carousel ferris wheel dog etc
  • Two toy clowns play instruments (later replaced by a clown clock)
  • Hands at Play (Goldberg Variation No. 4, BWV 998 pop up toy hoberman sphere)
  • The line of marching chickens, appear again.
  • Hands at Play (Goldberg Variation No. 30, BWV 998 drawing Whoozit
  • Ending montage (Goldberg Canon Variation)
  • Aspen: "The video of me is over...I'm not a star anymore."
  • End Credits (Minuet in G), followed by a toy red car that goes "Beep beep!"


  • In early 1999 release The Tune up is Baby Mozart.
  • In the 2004 Baby Bach release the new chickens are actually white versions of the orange Rikki Rooster by Charm Company in Baby Mozart & Baby MacDonald..
  • The Bach soundtracks in this video appear in the Baby Bach CD.
  • MR Winkel later seen in baby galileo and in the new version of Toy Story 2 and 3(cameo)
  • The Cosmos Kinetic is later seen in Baby Galileo. and in the new version of Toy Story 1 2 and 3 and Baby Mozart(cameo)
  • The Ferris wheel is later seen in Baby Newton.
  • Some toys will be seen again in the discovery kit Baby Lullaby.
  • G. G. Giraffe was later seen in Baby Dolittle: World Animals.
  • This is the another video to have no Baby Einstein puppets which are absent. The other one was Language Nursery.

When Baby Bach was re-released in 2004, the clown faces does not appear in orchestral tune up.

On PBS kids in 2002 the funding credits said: Baby Einstein is funded in part A ready to learn from a deep ament of education from coronation of public broadcasting then the dot logo.

There is a red dragon that some kids are scared of.

This is the 2nd video to be about music. The 1st being [[Baby Mozart]].


Meep Meep the dancing chicken (only in 1999. later changed to white rikki rooster in 2004)

Aspen Clark (age 4 now 20 yrs old)

Sierra Clark (age 1 now 16 yrs old)

oliver the octopus

misty mouse

bard the green dragon

issac the lion

zorra the lion

jane the monkey


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