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White Rikki Rooster from the 2004 version of Baby Bach.


2000-2002 Vesion

Baby Einstein Baby Bach (2007) - Clip First Half Second Half - Not COMPLETE02:21

Baby Einstein Baby Bach (2007) - Clip First Half Second Half - Not COMPLETE

Baby Bach

Baby Bach is a Baby Einstein home video released in January 16, 1999, and is the third film in the series.

Bach's video

  • Warning Screen (with Baby Mozart tune up)
  • A bunch of  white chickens march in a straight line. Toccata in D, (replaced in 2004 by a bunch of rikki roosters).
  • Opening Titles (Minuet in G).
  • Twirling winkle
  • Toys in motion Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, BWV 1050, 3rd Movement [[Balls stairs & chute toy]] [[kinetic art]] [[kinetic art]] (replaced in 2016 by a Polaris)
  • A toy red fire truck appears on the screen.
  • Hand instruments Sierra Clark playing with rattle toy keyboard & a dragon puppet  Singing the Opera long and Closes his mouth And Walks away! (replaced by stella the orange and black cat
  • plush mouse in cheese xylophone Sierra
  • Toys in Motion Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, BWV 147 (spinning top, rocking sun, bubble blowing bear (replaced in 2004 and 2016 by a bubble blowing monkey and Bubble Blowing Bear from Cocacola)
  • Balloons go up!
  • Winter sports Brandenburg Concerto No 4 BWV 1049 1st Movement ceramic figures sledding down fake hill & skating on fake pond ceramic musical bears replaced by musical people
  • A black robot and a teal robot are shown (Toccata in D)
  • The robots dance (Cantata No. 140)
  • Blown instruments Sierra blowing toy trumpet a couple toy trumpets octopus puppet saxophone giraffe later replaced by cat toy trumpet with bird Sierra
  • Pennies are being put into a green truck bank. The truck drives away with an old-fashioned car horn noise.
  • Fluid motion (Brandenburg Concert No. 2, BWV 1047, 3rd Movement (plasma ball lamp, disco light, [[Form S, [[spiral
  • A Chicken appears bawking away It then it stops & then Aspen Clark Julie Aigner Clarks other daughter tells a joke Why did Mozart get rid of all his chickens Because they kept going BACH BACH BACH BACH Then The adults that heard it laugh.
  • Dancing toys (Flute sonata in Eb, BWV 1031, 3rd Movement (cat, fish, giraffe, chicken, flower))
  • Streamers (Minuet in G)
  • A barnyard pop up toy is shown Buttons are pressed on a control panel causing farm animals 2 pop out of their doors & make their corresponding sounds The last 1 is a farmer who says "Howdy!"
  • Strummed instruments Sierra playing bongos lap harp dinosaur in egg puppet accordion owl ukulele, Sierra wearing sunglasses
  • Fluid Motion (Orchestral Suite No. 3, Air, BWV 1068 (lava lamp, disco light))
  • Goldberg Suite with 2 of the same Baby Einstein character in bottom corners Bach Rabbit & Clowns Orchestral Tune Up  (the clowns were not featured in the orchestral tune up in 2004)
  • Toy carnival (Goldberg Variation No. 1, BWV 998 Carousel ,Ferris wheel, dog, etc
  • Two toy clowns play instruments (later replaced by a clown clock)
  • Hands at Play (Goldberg Variation No. 4, BWV 998 pop up toy hoberman sphere)
  • The line of marching chickens, appear again.
  • Hands at Play (Goldberg Variation No. 30, BWV 998 drawing Whoozit
  • Ending montage (Goldberg Canon Variation) (replaced in 2016 by a Nursery Mobiles)
  • Aspen: "A video of me all done? I'm not the star anymore?"
  • End Credits (Minuet in G), followed by a toy red car that goes "Beep beep!"


  • In 1998 release The Tune up is Baby Mozart.
  • In the 2004 Baby Bach release the new chickens are actually white versions of the orange Rikki Rooster by Charm Company in Baby Mozart & Baby MacDonald..
  • The Bach soundtracks in this video appear in the Baby Bach CD.
  • The Cosmos Kinetic is later seen in Baby Galileo and Baby Beethoven.
  • The Ferris wheel is later seen in Baby Newton.
  • Some toys will be seen again in the discovery kit Baby Lullaby.
  • G. G. Giraffe was later seen in Baby Dolittle: World Animals.
  • This is the another video to have no Baby Einstein puppets which are absent. The other one was Language Nursery. But they appear in 20 year version

When Baby Bach was re-released in 2004, the clown faces does not appear in orchestral tune up.

There is a red dragon that some kids are scared of.

This is the second video to be about music. The first being Baby Mozart.


Meep Meep the dancing chicken (only in 1998. later changed to white Rikki rooster in 2004)

Aspen Clark (age 4 now 20 yrs old)

Sierra Clark (age 1 now 17 yrs old)

Oliver the octopus

20 year version

Orange bunny

Neighton the horse

Isaac the lion

Lizzy the tiger

Pavlov the dog

Stella The Orange And Black Cat

Quacker the Duck

Wellignton the Cow


Zylon Dragon00:11

Zylon Dragon

06021f120fac8fef3cce55ec80a10467 full


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