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Baby Bach (1998)

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Baby Bach is Sunny's Older Brother. He first appeared in the cover of Baby Bach. He appears in Baby Van Gogh, Baby Da Vinci, and Meet The Orchestra. He is friends with Stella The Orange And Black Cat and Manager the clown

In Baby Van Gogh. he makes another orange rabbit pop out of a magician's hat.

Age: 7

Nickname: Beeboo

Favorite quote: kick the crayon's butt

Loves: Music

Friends: Manager the clown, Baabra the sheep, Roger the Rooster, Stella The Orange And Black Cat

Enemies: Animated crayons

Strengths: He can play with 5 soccer balls at once

Weakness: He waits for the restaurant

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Activity: Math

Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite thing: Playing a piano

Favorite game: Cupball

Favorite cartoon: SpongeBob Squarepants


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