Baby Beethoven the Giraffe is a Baby Einstein puppet.

He first appeared in World Animals, where he grew big and made a shadow for The Lion to follow

He hosts Baby Beethoven, and appears in Baby Galileo, Numbers Nursery, Meet The Orchestra, Baby's First Moves, Discovering Shapes, World of Rhythm and a bonus puppet show from Baby's First Sounds.

Despite the fact that he was formerly called 'Beethoven', This isn't his actual name.


Beethoven is a supernaturally tall giraffe that wears a part of his tuxedo and has the ability to extend/collapse his neck to any height he desires.. He also has the ability to survive almost every form of death known to mankind which is why he can live for such a long time, He also has the ability to go without any food or water for years, can survive extreme temperatures and can survive the cold vacuum of space (as he can extend his neck high enough to go there), However, Despite technically having such immortality, He is tired of living and wants to die.

The Info

  • Age: 15,000,000 years old
  • Nickname: Lil' Raffe-Pump
  • Favorite Quote: "SLED GANG"
  • Likes: Being a Thot
  • Enemies: Everyone
  • Favorite Color: Black because it's the color of his soul
  • Strength: He can breathe 
  • Weakness: He's emo
  • Favorite Activity: Waiting for his inevitable death
  • Favorite Sport: Call of Duty
  • Favorite Thing: Gucci
  • Favorite Song: Gucci Gang
  • Favorite Game: Existing
  • Favorite Cartoon: FNaF Rule 34

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