Baby Communism

Baby Communism was a 3 hour special released in 1948. It taught children of mother russia, why communism is good, the founding father of communism speech (karl marx), and what it was like in 1948.



Baby Communism was shown to all 4 year olds in 1948 to 1966. All children were assigned a preschool in which they would watch this during the cold winter. It was used as a simple way to plant the seed of communism. It was destroyed in 1966 after the giddlieloops invasion. They knew if they saw it they would drop feces.


Baby communism showed USSR imagery over USSR music. It was praised by all. Or death.



Karl Marx was often shown as he was the creator of communism


The USSR was often shown as it made children feel patriotism

National Anthem of USSR03:45

National Anthem of USSR

Music that was played throughout


Propaganda used to convince the children to feel pride and coolness.

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