Baby Dolittle: World Animals is 33 minutes long, and is a Baby Einstein video about animals hosted by Jane The Monkey.

It was released on July 24, 2001, and was later re-released in 2004 with some sketches changed. Some scenes from this video appear in the Discovery Kit Wild Animal Safari. The viewer is meant to explore animals In the jungle, the ocean, and the Savannah.


Jane The Monkey



The yellow bear

Fox (after the end credits)

Einstein the Caterpillar (cameo after end credits)

Snake(cameo after end credits)

Stripes (in cartoon)

The Parrot (in cartoon)

Dolphin (in cartoon)

Noah The Elephant (in cartoon)

Beethoven The Giraffe

Neptune the Turtle (in cartoon)

Other Giraffe


Puppet procession

  • Warning Screen
  • This episode starts with Zorra the lion, Mozart the yellow bear Beethoven the giraffe & Jane the Monkey who closes up to swing on the vine then falls then brings the opening titles. Contradance No 4 Beethoven
  • Opening titles Contradance No 5 Beethoven
  • The jungle toys and a monkey playing cymbals banging replaced by different jungle toys

Overture Janes World

  • Animal montage The Bartered Bride Overture Smetana

Jungle Tour

  • Jane with a parrot on her head pulls a drawing of a jungle onto the screen with a string.
  • Animals in the Jungle. Monkey. Tropical Bird. Tiger
  • The crank of the jack-in-the-box is turned, causing a tiger to pop out.
  • Jane walks seeing tiger pawprints scared and stands back She roars, laughs, and pulls a string until a picture of tiger stripes appears on screen
  • A photo of a tiger appears on the screen with the word tiger.
  • Music video: Tiger (Peer Gynt, Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg)
  • A girl with a tiger hat and roars.
  • Tropical Bird
  • 2 bird ball drops
  • Jane appears with a magnifying glass watches tropical bird tracks walk by and squawks.
  • A photo of 2 tropical birds appear on the screen with the word tropical bird.
  • Music video: Tropical Bird (The Bartered Bride, Polka, Smetana)
  • Hopping parrot
  • Monkey
  • A blue monkey puppet appears on the banana peel.
  • Jane appears on the screen seeing monkey handprints she slips on the banana peel & pops up She makes monkey noises and pulls a string.
  • A photo of 2 monkeys appear on the screen with the word monkey.
  • Music video: Monkey (The Bartered Bride, Skocna, Smetana)
  • 3 wind-up monkeys playing glockenspiels while a child wearing a monkey costume.
  • Jane and Mimi having a banana split A monkey gets a bowl with a banana chocolate strawberry & vanilla ice cream Whipped cream goes down on the ice cream & a monkey puts a cherry on top.

Ocean Tour

  • Jane pulls a drawing of a ocean onto the screen with a string.
  • Animals in the Ocean. Fish. Dolphin. Sea Turtle.
  • A sea turtle blowing bubbles (replaced by a sea turtle dancing)
  • Jane appears on the screen seeing bubbles.
  • A photo of a sea turtle appear on the screen with the word sea turtle.
  • Music video: Sea Turtle (Deep Blue Sea, Moss)
  • A photo of 2 dolphins appear on the screen with the word dolphin.
  • Music video: Dolphin (Deep Blue Sea, Moss)
  • A photo of a clownfish appear on the screen with the word fish.
  • Music video: Fish (Deep Blue Sea, Moss)
  • Jumping dolphins
  • Jane is fishing until a fish puppet appears and spits on her, until they scream.

Savannah Tour

  • Jane wearing a hat and glasses pulls a drawing of a savannah onto the screen with a string.
  • Animals on the Savannah. Giraffe. Lion. Elephant.
  • Walking elephant
  • Jane appears until she seeing elephant footprints. She trumpets and pulls a string.
  • A photo of an elephant appear on the screen with the word elephant.
  • Music video: Elephant (Symphony No. 4, Italian, Mendelssohn)
  • A child wearing an elephant costume, rattling.
  • Giraffe
  • Giraffe cone puppet (STONED)
  • Jane appears until she sees giraffe hoof prints and she paints giraffe spots.
  • A photo of a giraffe appear on the screen with the word giraffe.
  • Music video: Giraffe (Symphony No. 9, New World, Dvorak)
  • A child wearing a giraffe costume with a G.G. Giraffe toy.
  • Lion
  • A lion puppet with a popper plane flies by.
  • Jane appears with Rodrick. In the 1st time she barks. In the 2nd time she neighs. In the 3rd time she quacks Rodrick roars & Jane roars Rodrick pulls a string.
  • A photo of a lion appear on the screen with the word lion.
  • Music video: Lion (The Moldau, Smetana)
  • A toy animal train (replaced by James) until a lion puppet (replaced by Bing Bong) chases a toy animal train (replaced by James) two times. Until a lion puppet (replaced by Bing Bong) is on the caboose.
  • Rodrick roars until a giraffe puppet appears A giraffe puppet grow taller A Rodrick & a giraffe puppet walks by

The Precious Pillow

  • Animals in My World/End Credits (Medley, Smetana)
  • The bear & fox puppets are getting ready for bed until they fight the pillow.


  • This is Jane the Monkey's second appearance. The first was Baby Shakespeare
  • There was going to be a forest section but it was taken out because the animals wouldn't stand out against the background.
  • In Baby Dottile:Neighborhood Animals there were 4 animal sections house yard farm and river, butut in this video there were only 3 jungle, ocean & savanna
  • The giraffe was later the host of Baby Beethoven, where he gets designed by David Pirvett.
  • Giraffe was previously seen in Baby Bach
  • The top of Julie Aigner-Clark's head is seen briefly puppeteering Jane while she is pulling the rope for the jungle scene.
  • You can see the body of the person who is holding the whipped cream can in the banana split sketch on the left hand side.
  • This is the First Appearance of all the Puppets expect for Jane the Monkey, who appeared in Baby Shakespeare
  • This is the last video to involve puppets designed by Legends & Lore.


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