In the 1989 Family Home Entertainment revived the concept, but modernized the show cosmetically, with a Slower Version of the ABC's in Baby Wordsworth and a more ethnically diverse group of young cast members. The sets were brightly colored and simpler than the the original. Like the original, nearly each day's episode included a vintage Image, though usually in color from the late 1950s and onward. The 1989 Kids from Baby Da Vinci were part of the 1989 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Classical Music

Baby Beethoven

  • Turkish March op 113
  • Symphony No 1
  • Symphony No 3
  • Allegro for a Flute Clock
  • Wellington's Victory
  • Symphony No 5
  • Symphony No 9
  • Sonata 8 (Pathetique), Op.13, 3rd
  • Minuet in G
  • Sonatina in F
  • Sonata No.14 (Moonlight), Op 27,No.2,2nd movement
  • Fur Elise
  • Orchestra Symphony No. 9, Op.125 

Baby Riskmy Korsakov

  • Tsar's Departure and Farewell
  • Variation
  • Alborada
  • the Snow Maiden
  • Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Fandago
  • Macdonalds Barn

Baby Wordsworth

  • Sonata No 10
  • Vous Dirai Jai
  • the Hunt
  • Concerto for Flute and Harp
  • Rondo Alla Turka
  • Magic Flute K620
  • Facile
  • Jupiter
  • Orchestra Orchestral Suite No. 2

Baby Da Vinci

  • Orchestra Snow Maiden
  • Orchestra Carmen Overture
  • Orchestra Swan Lake Waltz "Red"
  • Orchestra Minute Waltz "Orange"
  • Orchestra Voices of Spring Waltz "Yellow"
  • Orchestra Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 "Green"
  • Orchestra Goldberg Variations, No. 4 "Blue"
  • Tchaikovsky Waltz of the flowers "Purple"
  • Orchestra William Tell Overture
  • Hallelujah Chorus

Baby Macdonald

Old Macdonald


Videos were:
  • My First Words
  • Baby Beethoven
  • Baby Riskmy Korsakov
  • Baby Wordsworth
  • Baby Da Vinci
  • Baby Santa
  • Neighborhood Music
  • Sea Animals
  • Baby Curie
  • Baby Mozart


The Show's First Video was made on May 29 1989, on VHS, DVD, Discovery Kit, and 38 local television stations in the United States, and by November of that Year, when the Videos made its Final Video, about 70 stations in total had picked up the series. Additional stations picked up the canceled program, which continued to run until September 27 1991; 10 Videos. with much of the original material repackaged and a bit of new footage added, and the Kids last Names (Example: Alley (Lindsey and Taylor)) removed, were aired in December of 1989. Since the 1980's ended, the series has aired only briefly in reruns, unlike the Precedor from the 1970's and it's Follower from the 1990's/2000's/2010;s had DVD releases of select episodes in July 2005, the 1980's series has been largely forgotten including the generation of youthful viewers. In September 1989, the BE Kids LIVE! at Disneyland was shown on The Wonderful World of Disney. WGN-TV in Chicago, Illinois also aired this version on a delayed basis in 1989 and 1990 during the Cubs baseball season due to game coverages.


The Cast had a more diverse ethnic background than the 1970s version. Several 1989–1990 cast members went on to become TV stars and other notable icons.

The Show's Longest Running Member was Taylor Alley, who appeared in Baby Rimsky-Korsakov, Baby Wordsworth, Baby Da Vinci, Baby Santa, Neighborhood Music, and Baby Mozart, but was mistaken for Baby Beethoven. The Most Talented was Jessica Zucha, who appeared in Baby Wordsworth and Baby Da Vinci.

Here is the List of all 27 Kids

  1. Lindsey Alley
  2. Ivyann Schwan
  3. Zachary LaVoy
  4. Becky Swonke
  5. Taylor Alley
  6. Mary Kate Olsen
  7. Ashley Olsen
  8. Jodie Sweetin
  9. Jessica Zucha
  10. Donald McGill
  11. Jennifer McGill
  12. Albert Fields
  13. Chasen Hampton
  14. Josh Akcerman
  15. Candace Cameron Bure
  16. Jessica Simpson
  17. Davey Sweeten
  18. Matt Damon
  19. Jared Nathan
  20. Kyle Montgomery
  21. Kayla Herring
  22. Desiree Casado
  23. Miles Orman
  24. Inami Patterson
  25. Lexine Bondoc
  26. Gabriella Rose Regan
  27. Jasmine Woods

Alison Alley created this Show, as well as Patricia Parsons created the 1971-1978 DVD Collection

Theme Song and Soundtrack

The Music is composed by Scott Alley. The First Soundtrack was called The New Baby Einstein


Was Baby Beethoven the First BE Video?

No, it was My First Words, Formely Baby Einstein

How Many Baby Einstein DVD Collections were there?

3, the Original (1971-1977), This Show (1989-1991), and Baby Einstein (1997-2009)

How Many Baby Einstein Videos were There?


How Many Baby Einstein Kids have Died?

7 Kids (Donald McGill, Davey Sweeten, Jared Nathan, Kyle Montgomery, Kayla Herring, Gabriella Rose Regan, and Jasmine Woods) have passed on

Were Roque Herring, David Kater, and Braden Danner Baby Einstein Kids?

No, these folks along with Dedee Mango Hall, Damon Pampolia, Tiffani Hale, and others were Mouseketeers in MMC (1989-1995)

Were any Baby Einstein Kids Mouseketeers?

Yes, Albert Fields, Lindsey Alley, Josh Ackerman, and Jennifer McGill became Mousketeers in the All New Mickey Mouse Club

Who was the Longest Running Baby Einstein Kid?

Taylor Alley

Who was the First Baby Einstein Kid to be Shown?

Lindsey Alley, who appeared in the Credits of My First Words.

Which Baby Einstein Kid narrated?

Matt Damon

What was Lindsey Alley Really Like?

Even the most cynical of mice say in private correspondence Lindsey was exactly as she appeared on the show. Like Fred Rogers and Shari Lewis, she had a true affinity for and appeal to children.

Are any Baby Einstein Kids Black?

Yes, Inami Patterson and Albert Fields

Baby Einstein FAQ

Who Created Baby Einstein?

Alison Alley's Idea was Baby Einstein

Was this the First Baby Einstein?

No, the 1970's Baby Einstein was the First.

Did the 70's Baby Einstein Kids work on the Show?

Yes, 18 Year-Old Margret Fretz and 19-Year Old Connie Stamos worked in the Videos starting with Neighborhood Music

The Original Baby Einstein had Colored Shirts in Baby Picasso with the Kids' Names on Them, were they in Baby Da Vinci?


Did Joshua Craig select the Baby Einstein Kids?

Scott Craig, Alison Alley's Husband approved all hiring for the show's cast, but seems to have personally selected only two Baby Einstein Kids: Jennifer McGill and Josh Ackerman.

Do any Baby Einstein Kids still appear on Kids' TV Shows?

Yes, Jared Nathan appeared on "ZOOM" in 1999

What did Alison Amy Alley think of the Show?

Alison Alley, the creator of Baby Einstein loved the Show

Why was the Show Bad?

Now Adult-70's Kids were upset because this didn't look like THEIR Baby Einstein

Why was the Show Cancelled?

They tried to hard to dull the 80's Baby Einstein up, because the 1970's Baby Einstein Kids hated it

What is the Most Popular Baby Einstein DVD?

Baby Beethoven

Baby Einstein Kids FAQ

Were any Baby Einstein Kids different then the Puppets on the Show?


Are any Baby Einstein Kids married?

Chasen Hampton and Lindsey Alley announced their Wedding

Did any Kids appear on "Kids Incoraparated"

No, But Albert, Chase, Jennifer, Josh, and Lindsey are on a Show like That called MMC (1989-1995)

Did any Kids appear in Commercials?

Jared appeared in a Papa Gino's Commercial

Did any Kids find Fame?

Yes, Jessica and Matt found Visual Sucess.

Did any Baby Einstein Kids Die in a Auto Accident?

In December 2006, Jared Nathan died in a Car Accident

Did ZOOM Review Baby Einstein?


How do You contact a Baby Einstein Kid?

Go to the Contact Page

Did any People audition for Baby Einstein but failed.

Yes. Ryan Gosling and Kristen Stewart failed Baby Einstein.