• Lullaby Classics
  • Traveling Melodies (companion to On The Go)
  • Baby Mozart (companion to Baby Mozart)
  • Baby Mozart 2 (First CD released with the new rectangle logo)
  • Sing And Play
  • Lullaby Classics Volume 2
  • Meet the Orchestra (companion to Meet The Orchestra)
  • Playtime Music Box
  • Wake Up And Goodnight
  • Baby Vivaldi (companion to Baby Newton and Baby Monet)
  • Baby Beethoven (companion to Baby Shakespeare and Baby Beethoven)
  • Nap time Melodies
  • Baby Galileo (companion to Baby Galileo)
  • Holiday Melodies
  • Baby Bach (companion to Baby Bach)
  • Music Box Orchestra
  • Language Nursery (companion to Language Nursery, late 2000 version only comes in paper case)
  • Baby Neptune (companion to Baby Neptune)
  • World Music (companion to World Music)
  • Playdate Fun
  • Classical Animals (older CD, original companion to the Baby Dolittle videos)
  • Bedtime Classics (older, refined version of Lullaby Classics)
  • Animal Friends (includes tracks from Baby Noah)
  • On The Farm (Book and CD)
  • Baby Santa (originally Holiday Classics, companion to Baby Santa's)
  • Baby Noah (companion to Baby Noah, also includes tracks from Classical Animals)
  • Classical Collection
  • Art Time Classics (older, companion to Baby Van Gogh)
  • Playtime Classics
  • Lullabies and Sweet Dreams (Book and CD)

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