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This wiki is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed/offended.

Welcome to hell. Please wait to be seated.

I don't even know what the hell this wiki is supposed to be either. Since I started lurking in 2013, it's been Baby Einstein: The Movie (which doesn't even exist by the way) fake, inaccurate C R I N G E . So before you continue to read what the rest of this wiki has to offer, I recommend you save yourself by closing the tab(s) you have open with this wiki and clearing your search history from this horribleness. - Raichu the Great

Me neither. Leave this wiki at once to sustain yourself from being scarred for life. thank you.-Elliot04

I only know of this wiki because i stumbled upon a link to this wiki while watching a parody of "The Wiggles", This wiki may contain content that could be considered cringeworthy, i suggest you run, You have been warned..-CLoggermore

^ Very, Very true.-Elliot04

I'm trying my best to destroy the wiki, so if you get redirected to It's Happy Bunny, that means the page has been decommissioned...-Elliot04 and CLoggermore

We Want RCT5

Shoutouts to simpleflips - Marx

P.S. If you want a place to shitpost, this is your place. Shoutouts to simpleflips - Marx

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