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Betsy The Cow

Baby MacDonald Was the 15th episode and is hosted by Wellington Van Cow. it was released on March 16, 2004 , and was later re-released in May 2009.

Starring: Puppets

Wellington the Cow

Betsy The Cow (Bonus puppet shows only)

Oinky the Pig (Numerous clones)

Fregley the piglet (Mode 2 only)

Chillin The Chicken (Mentioned)

Nathan The Horse

Julie the sheep

Roger the Rooster

Misty and Chills the Blue Mice

Gobbles Random goat (Vincent Van Goat's cousin)

Dora and Eddie the chicks (mode 2 Only)

Gregory the Foal (3 bonus puppet shows)


  • The music playing in the main menu is the Queen Of The West hornpipe

The second episode to have old Macdonald Neighborhood animals was the first

  • Betsy The Cow appears in the bonus puppet shows (the designer is unknown) unlike Wellington Van Cow who appears the actual feature.
  • The bonus puppet shows are set to classical music and Queen of the West Hornpipe


  • Homestead II by Karen Dupre.
  • A Farmyard in Hertfordshire by Henry Brittan Willis.
  • Beauty and Flower by Ellis Ruley.
  • The Basket of Eggs by Henri-Horace Roland Delaporte.


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