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Baby MacDonald is the fifteenth Baby Einstein Episode. It was released in March 20, 2004 and released again in 2009 with different Segments. It's also the last episode of the Season 1 which is 1997-2003. It exposes babies to what living on a farm is like.


  • This Is The First episode To include Roger The Rooster, Wellington Van Cow, Gobbles Random Goat. Julie The Sheep, Dora The Chick, and Eddie The Chick
  • This Is The Second episode to have the song "Old MacDonald Had A Farm". First was Neighborhood Animals. 
  • A Bonus Material Will Be An Animation About Animals Talking To Each Other 
  • The Music In The Animal Sound Choir Is The THX Logo. 
  • This Is The Second Episode To Have "Snowbird in the Ashbank". The first was Baby Santa's Music Box. 
  • Baby MacDonald Was Re-Released In October 24th 2013 With 2 New Bonus Puppet Shows And A New Bonus Material A Video Called MacDonald's Farm 
  • One of the new scenes had Wellington Van Cow, there was a slight change, he had a red bell collar instead of a turquoise collar Fregley The Piglet appeared in 2 new scenes.
  • In the 2013 version, the order was Cows Sheep Pigs Horses Chickens Dogs Birds Geese Turkeys Goats Donkeys Mice Cuckoos Frogs Ducks Crows And Roosters


  1. Wellington Van Cow (debut, host, and red bell collar used in new grow with me puppet show)
  2. Oinky The Pig (co host, and duplicated)
  3. Fregley The Piglet (2009)
  4. Gobbles Random Goat (Debut) 
  5. Roger The Rooster (debut) 
  6. Julie The Sheep (debut)
  7. Chillin The Chicken (Briefly mentioned and debut)
  8. Nathan The Horse
  9. Gregory The Foal (in 3 deleted scenes)
  10. Misty The Mouse
  11. Chilla The Mouse
  12. Dora The Chick (Debut)
  13. Eddie The Chick (Debut)
  14. Boss The Bird
  15. Pavlov The Dog
  16. Stella The Cat
  17. Quacker The Duck
  18. Bach The Rabbit
  19. Jane Aust-Hen
  20. Max The Lamb
  21. Macdonald The Calf (cameo in 2013)
  22. Betsy The Cow (in 4 deleted scenes)
  23. Worm (In A Deleted Scene)
  24. Sheep (In Bonus Video)
  25. Cows (In Bonus Video)
  26. Pigs (In Bonus Video)
  27. Horse (In bonus video)
  28. SMG4 (in a bonus video)
  29. Marco Pollo (in bonus video)
  30. Leonardo Da Finchi (in bonus video)
  31. Sir Isaac Hooton (in bonus video)
  32. Emily Chickenson (in bonus video)
  33. Charles Darwing (in bonus video)
  34. Ludwig Van Beakhoven (bonus)
  35. Bantam Of the opera (bonus)


Roger The Rooster Wakes Up Sees The Sun And Crows


Roger The Rooster Sees A Haystack And Crows But Didn't Work But He Clucks Then Nathan The Horse Popped Out And Roger Grunts At Nathan The Horse And Walks Away

Toy Tractor

The Farm

Wellington Van Cow Rings His Triangle

Film About A Farm

The Farm

Wellington Van Cow Had A Barn In A Box So He Pulled A String And The barn grew.

Farm Things

Film About The Farm

Farm Painting

Wellington Van Cow Sees Some Wheat And Sneezes

Misty The Mouse And Chilla The Mouse Play In A Flower Field 

Farm Gears

Wellington Van Cow Julie The Sheep And Roger The Rooster Make An Animal Sound Choir 

They way they do it is making their corresponding sounds but when Roger Crows he coughs but Wellington Sprays Roger's Mouth.

So Wellington Julie And Roger Start Over And The Crowd Cheered For Them

Old Macdonald song with Cows Sheep Pigs Horses Chickens And Roosters

After the Chicken verse Roger The Rooster pushes the the clip of a Baby in a chick costume aside

Farm Animal Painting

Oinky The Pig And His Friends Go Down The Mud Slide

Wellington Van Cow sees Dora and Eddie The Chicks and teaches them how to Moo But when Wellington Moos, Dora and Eddie Moo and Wellington realizes that he hypnotized Dora and Eddie so they Moo together and it restores Dora and Eddie,

A Cowboy Rides A Horse

Wellington Van Cow Drives A Tractor

Film About Planting The Fields

Field Painting

Nathan The Horse Tries To Water A Plant But The Plant Tries To Move And Oinky The Pig Wears A Plant On His Head

Fregley The Piglet Appears In A Flower Pot


Wellington Van Cow Picks Some Apples But 2 Apples Fall On His Head But A Bunch Of Apples Fall And Wellington Runs Away And A Bunch Of Apples Fall On The Ground

Film About Farm Food

Misty The Mouse Milks A Cow But Something Goes Wrong

Wellington Van Cow Pours Milk And Clangs Both Cups Together And Walks A Off Nathan The Horse And Julie the Sheep See The Cups And Drink The Milk

The Folkmanis Red Hen Puppet Sees It's Eggs And Their Hatching

Food Painting

Fregley The Piglet Is Hungry And He Wants To Eat Some Corn From The Corn Field but the plant gets bigger and Fregley shakes it and the corn falls

Six Chicks In The Eggs Are Hatching but the last chick crows like a rooster.

Wellington Van Cow Rings His Triangle (Repeat)

Film About The Harvest While Pavlov The Dog Stella The Cat Misty The Mouse Gobbles Random Goat Wellington Van Cow Nathan The Horse Oinky The Pig Julie The Sheep Bubba The Bird Roger The Rooster Jane Aust-Hen Quacker The Duck And Bach The Rabbit Are Dancing When The Music Ends Roger The Rooster Crows 

Pavlov The Dog Takes The Wheat Stella The Cat Takes The Corn Boss The Bird Takes The Egg Bach The Rabbit Takes The Carrot Takes The Corn And Quacker The Duck Takes The Apple

Nathan The Horse Eats A Flower

Rolling Chicken

Farm Finale


Nathan The Horse Rakes The Hay But Wellington Van Cow Vacuums The Hay

Bonus Video: MacDonald's Farm 

SMG4 conducts the orchestra

Music Video About The Farm In The Morning MacDonald's Farm Intro


Roger The Rooster Shows Marco Pollo How To Crow But Marco Pollo Trumpets Like An Elephant And Honks Like A Klaxon Horn Roger Gets Perfume To Put In Marco Mouth Now They Crow

Music Video About Roosters (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Roger The Rooster sees the sun and begins to crow.


Rolling Chicken

Music Video About Chickens (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Chillin The Chicken Collects an egg from a nest

Jane Aust-Hen and Chillin The Chicken lay eggs in their coop

Wind Up Chicks

Things From The Farm (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Jane Aust Hen does the Rikki Rooster movement and Roger The Rooster steals her eggs


Leonardo Da Finchi rides Nathan The Horse Around and when the music ends Nathan whinnies

Music Video About Horses (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Horse Stamps

Farm Plants (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

A Plant Grows


Wind Up Wooly Walkers

Sir Isaac Hooton Wears Cotton All Over His Body And Bleats At Julie The Sheep Who Bleats Back

Music Video About Sheep (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Julie The Sheep Max The Lamb and 3 other sheep Graze In A Field and hear a cricket and bell

Toy Tractor

Music Video About Tractors (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Toy Tractor Returns


Wellington Van Cow and another cow Makes A Cow Puzzle

Emily The Chickenson Marco The Pollo And Wellington Van Cow Do Full Retard Choir

Emily Screams like a retarded dummy Marco whinnies like a horse And Wellington Screeches Like FNAF 1 But He pukes So a cow sprays his mouth with soda

They Start Over And The Crowd Boos Emily and Marco who explode at the sight and Cheers for Wellington.

Music Video About Cows Old Macdonald Had A Farm

) Wellington Van Cow plays a harmonica

Julie The Sheep Oinky The Pig Nathan The Horse Wellington Van Cow A sheep with pink glasses a pig with blue glasses a horse with black glasses a cow with a tophat Jane AustHen and Ludwig Van Beakhoven Sing Clashing Of Swords When The Song Is Over Roger The Rooster Pops up and he screams "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!" And this results in an explosion occurring and charring the 5


Marco Pollo Sees A Floating Pig

Music Video About Pigs (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Marco Pollo Wears A Pig Costume And he and Oinky Snort

Pudgey Piglet

Betsy The Cow wears a pig snout and snorts

Farm Food

Tomatoes Grow

Oinky The Pig and another pig play in the mud.


Quack Along Ducks

Music Video About Ducks (Old Macdonald Had A Farm)

Charles Darwing Wears A Duck Hat And Quacks At Quacker who quacks back,

Quack Along Ducks (repeat)

Julie The Sheep Wellington Van Cow Oinky The Pig Quacker The Duck A Sheep A Cow A Pig And Marco Pollo Wearing A Duck Hat Dance To The Farmer In The Dell

Dora and Eddie the Chicks are hungry so Roger The Rooster gives them corn kernels.

Farm Finale


Farm Animals cheer and SMG4 says farewell and leaves

Deleted Scenes

  • Dizzy Sheep
  • Julie The Sheep Sees A Windmill Which Makes Her Faint
  • Give A Worm An Apple
  • Oinky The Pig Eats His Apple But A Worm Comes And Oinky Gives The Apple To The Worm
  • Carrot Garden
  • Roger The Rooster And Gobbles Random Goat Go To The Carrot Garden And Pick A Carrot But when Roger tries to pick one another one is affected and they succeed and walk Nathan The Horse gets A Carrot Too
  • Pig And Pumpkin
  • Oinky The Pig Pushes A Pumpkin Up The Mountain But The Pumpkin Is About To Fall On Him
  • Betsy's Missing Corn
  • Betsy The Cow Picks Some Corn But Oinky The Pig Steals Her Corn
  • Betsy's Missing Vegetables
  • Betsy The Cow Eats Corn A Carrot And A Bell Pepper But Gregory The Foal Steals Her Corn Carrot And Bell Pepper
  • Entering The Barn
  • Misty The Mouse Gregory The Foal Julie The Sheep And Oinky The Pig Enter A Barn
  • Who did you expect, Sportabarn?
  • Betsy The Cow Walks By and Julie The Sheep Oinky The Pig and Nathan The Horse Suprise Her
  • Goodnight Farm
  • Roger The Rooster Sleeps On The Roof Julie The Sheep Sleeps In Her Hay Oinky The Pig And His Pig Friends Sleep In A Bunk Bed Betsy The Cow Sleeps On Her Grass Gregory The Foal Sleeps On His Hay


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