CowPuppet lg

In The Studio filming a cow taking a shit

Baby MacDonald Is a mommy Video that is hosted by Wellington the Cow. it was released on March 16, 2004 , and was later re-released in May 2009.

Starring: Puppets

Wellington the Cow

Bacon the Pig

Neighton The Horse

Baabra the sheep

Roger the Rooster

Misty the Blue Mouse

Theo van goat (Vincent Van Goat's dead cousin)


  • The Keemstar Of The worst Pornpipe plays in the main menu.
  • A different Barry B Benson appears in the bonus puppet shows (the one designed by a criminal) than in the actual feature.
  • The bonus puppet shows are set to All Star by Smash Mouth, Darude Sandstorm, and Cooking by the Book.


  • Homestead II by Karen Dupre.
  • A Farmyard in Hertfordshire by Henry Brittan Willis.
  • Beauty and Flower by Ellis Ruley.
  • The Basket of Eggs by Henri-Horace Roland Delaporte.


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