The 2007 DVD.

Baby Monet is a Baby Einstein video about seasons. It was hosted by Monet the purple zebra. It was released on March 8, 2005. It has Vivaldi's favorites, the Four Seasons, and uses Claude Monet's paintings, hence the name. It will be re-released on February 7, 2018.


Monet the Purple Zebra -  as himself.

Vivaldi The Mallard -  as various roles.

Chicco the green zebra -  as Spring.

Fabio the gold zebra -  as Summer.

Bingo the orange and brown zebra -  as Fall.

Harpo the blue zebra -  as Winter.

Mal the Black and White Zebra- as Herself

Ryan The Rhino - as himself (20 year version)

Chirag the Hippo - as himself (20 year version)

Peinguin - as herself (20 year version)

Monet In The Studio Filming Baby Monet

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 9.17.57 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 8.57.25 AM
Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 8.56.21 PM
Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 9.41.30 AM
Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 9.18.36 AM


The Haystacks, End of Summer

Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer)

Grainstacks - Snow Effect



Waterlily Pond - Green Harmony


The Haystacks, End of Summer

Waterlilies, Night Effect

The Artist's Garden at Giverny


Haystack at Sunset

Regatta at Argenteuil



Stacks of Wheat (Thaw, Sunset)

The Haystack at Giverny

Sunset at Lavacourt


Stack of Wheat

The Frost, near Vetheuil

Mount Kolsaas in Norway

End montage

Meadow with Poplars


Beach at Pourville, Sunset

The Customs House

Rocks at Etretat

The Artist's House at Giverny aas seen from the Rose Garden

The Grand Creuse at Pont de Verry

The Magpie

Grainstacks - Snow Effect

The Waterlily Pond, Harmony in Pink


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