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In The Studio Filming Baby Mozart!
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Baby Mozart Is A 39 Mins Video Of A Long Video Of The Koala And The Bear With The Drums Turning Around In The Bet It Was Aired In 1999. The Special 10 year version of the video has 2 members of the Godrod family which are Issac The Lion and Stella The Orange And Black Cat.
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1998-2002 Version
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Some Photos Of Baby Mozart
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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart (2007) - Clip Animal Sounds - 37(00:37)
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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart (2007) - Clip Dinosaur - 24(00:23)
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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart (2007) - Clip Toys - 45(00:44)
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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart (2007) - Clip Colors - 42(00:41)
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Baby Einstein Baby Mozart (2007) - Clip Sleepy Time dolls - 40(00:40)
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Baby Einstein (1997) - CT 1 Post(01:00)
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Baby Mozart was the 2nd release in the series it was released on Feburary 1st 1998, and was re-released in 2004 with some sketches changed. It was re-released again in 2008, and in 2010 as a discovery kit.

Characters (1998 and 2004 versions and 2010 discovery kit

Bard The Green Dragon


St. bernard




Characters (special 10 year version)

Mozart the Koala

Neighton The Horse

Issac The Lion

Lizzy the Tiger

Stella The Orange And Black Cat

Quacker the Duck

Wellignton the Cow

Baabra the sheep (in a bonus puppet show)


  • Stay Tuned Screen
  • Warning Screen

10 year version

Language screen

Disney logo

DVD menu

Disney DVD logo

Baby Einstein logo

In the Music

Mozart the koala Holds A baton in is mouth when he doesn't have any hands

  • Mechanical orange Bear Playing Drum later replaced in 2004 by teddy bear playing tin drum in a Fanfare of the Magic Flute & Later replaced By A Mechanical dog in the discovery kit.
  • Opening Titles Piano Sonata in C K545 1st Movement
  • Candles later replaced by fiber optic lamp
  • Kinetic art Piano Sonata in C K330 1st Movement
  • Bard the dragon puppet Arrives on the screen.
  • Music Video: Fruits & Vegtables Variation on ah vous dirais je maman No 1 K265300e
  • This is a funny part Bard says BLAH
  • Toys in Motion Concerto For Flute & Harp in C K299 1st Movement toy train carousel etc
  • Mechanical gray elephant trumpeting next to plush globe
  • Metronome with red crab
  • Toys in Motion Piano Sonata in A K331 3rd Movement Seals stairs & chute toy & pull along animal marching band
  • Stuffed caterpillar bounces down later replaced by stuffed Bard
  • Fluid motion Piano Sonata in C K545 2nd Movement liquid motion toy fiber optic lamp
  • Metronome with yellow seal
  • Castle pound a ball type toy
  • Fluid motion Sonata in D for 2 pianos K448 1st Movement tornado lamp liquid motion toys When The song Ends, The Thunder Crashes!
  • Dog puppet barks at screen!
  • Animal faces
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    animal sound version of Variations
  • Orange Rikki Rooster struts up onto screen & crows
  • Mobiles Divertimento No 17 in D
  • Toy helicopter later replaced by jet plane
  • Manipulatives Piano Sonata in B Flat K570 3rd Movement shape sorter stacking rings puzzle
  • Mechanical green brontosaurus walks past plush globe & lowers its neck
  • Metronome with green octopus
  • Toys in motion Piano Sonata in F K533 3rd Movement christmas train little girl clock (replaced by a little boy clock) coca cola bubble blowing bear (replaced by a different bubble blowing bear)
  • Doll faces Variation on ah vous dirais je maman No 11 K265300e all dolls were replaced except Raggedy Ann
  • Fanfare for the Magic Flute with Baby Einstein character Mozart the bear later replaced by Mozart the koala
  • Dolphin puppet dancing Right in screen; The Magic Flute K620 Papageno Aria 2 (replaced by water in 2008)
  • Giraffe rooster dog & frog.  (Replaced by mozart the koala nieghton the horse issac the lion lizzy the tiger pavlov the dog stella the black and orange cat wellignton thew cow and duck in 2008, Mark the penguin Morris moose Bonker turtle Vivian Goat  Vincent Goat & other in 2014.) puppet show The Magic Flute K620 Papageno Aria 2  in 2008, when the song is over, the cow moos & The Frog Croaks!
  • Orchestra tune up with same Baby Einstein character
  • Ending montage Symphony no 41
  • Closing credits Piano Sonata in C K545 1st Movement
  • After the End credits, Mozart the koala wallks away (10 year version)
  • Also Available Screen
  • 2 min vid w Julie Clark Piano Sonata in F K570 3rd Movement
  • Baby Mozart Kids Screen
  • Copyright Screen
  • Baby Mozart title screen
  • Toy chest Of Baby Mozart!


  • All Mozart pieces in the video can be heard on the Baby Mozart CD
  • This is the 1st video to use puppets & kids
  • Some Baby Mozart toys were previously seen on Language Nursery Others are included in the Language Discovery Cards
  • A dolphin puppet named duke is later seen in Baby NoahNeptune's Oceans, and a bonus puppet show from the 2009 version of Baby Neptune
  • The happy star comes back with music from the manipulatives piece instead of voices  *In 1999 release the Tune Up Was Baby Bach
  • This is the first appearance of Bard The Green Dragon, who was Seen Again in Baby Shakespere & Many more!
  • In the 1998 cover, there was a yellow bear with drums, but when baby mozart was later re-released in 2004, It was changed to a blue Koala.
  • Rikki rooster was later seen in Baby Bach (2004 version) and Baby MacDonald.
  • The happy star seen in this video is previously seen in Language Nursery and is later replaced by a baby einstein musical toy star in the 10 year version
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