Baby Einstein Baby Neptune (2007) - Clip Rivers, pre01:16

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune (2007) - Clip Rivers, pre

Baby Neptune is a turtle in the Baby Einstein series.   He hosts Baby Neptune.


  • Age: 15
  • Favorite Quote: Wow! What's that?
  • Friends: Jumbah(blue boohbah), Issac the lion (And others)
  • Enemies :  Animated crayons
  • Favourite Color: Turquoise
  • Favourite Sport: Swimming
  • Weakness: He listens to blackout by Breathe Carolina
  • Favourite Show: Boohbah


Bonker the Turtle (Older Brother Seen In Baby Van Gogh and World of Colors!)

Brenda Markstein (Mother)

Saturn (Cousin)

Corey Fox (Father)

Trivia and Goofs

He was puppeteered and voiced by his teacher, Otmar Gutmann.

In November 21 2010, Neptune became paired with Jumbah from Boohbah

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