The Turtle as Matt

Neptune in Baby Einstein '99

Baby Neptune is a turtle in Baby Einstein and the main host of Baby Neptune.

In Baby Einstein '99

Contrary to popular belief, Neptune has never heard of BoohBah (Since it hasn't aired yet) so we don't know if he's a fan of it. However, He is rather aggressive and can snap the fingers off of anybody who approaches him in one bite... He also has a bloodlust for Over 10,000 types of fish. He can be seen in multiple episodes. He can block any and all attacks with his shell. All projectiles done on his shell will be blocked and deflected.

In Baby Einstein 2004

Now, I have read that neptune's favorite show is actually "BoohBah" But this information was considered Unverifiable.. This was until i watched Baby Einstein 2004, It show's that neptune actually hates BoohBah with a burning passion and does not want to go near ANY type of boohbah material.

Now I am only writing this information to prove Cwfoxey wrong, as Neptune actually hates BoohBah with a burning passion, Because I've read the arguments on both sides, And i haven't found any evidence to support the fact that Neptune actually likes BoohBah in any way possible, ever.. He does not like it, Not even the slightest amount. Proof can be seen in the episode "BoohBah is a death trap and we all know that! (The Musical)" and that's final. No but's, No If's, and No "Unless". It's just as simple as that.