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Baby Shakespeare 2 (2015) Goodnight bard. NOT Ended yet!

Goodnight bard.


In The Studio Filming baby shakespere

Baby Shakespeare is a 33 minute video that was aired on January 15, 2000. Bard The Green Dragon who was in the beginning of the video is about him.

The DVD Dsic


Some Photos From Baby Shakespere

Baby Shakespeare

Baby Shakespeare is a Baby Einstein home video released on January 15, 2000 & is the 4th video in the series. Hosted by Bard the Dragon Puppet, it introduces poetry, and 13 first words: train, flower, apple, cat, grass, frog, leaf, snow, tree, cow, butterfly & moon. through toys, poetry, real world objects, funny puppet shows & the enriching music of Ludwig Van Beethoven It was re- released in 2004 with some sketch changes.  Some scenes from this video appear in the discovery kit World Of Words


The Early thing of shorts.

World Of Word

  • Family Home Entertainment Kids Logo
  • Baby Einstein logo
  • Warning Screen
  • At the first, Bard the Dragon pops up out of nowhere. The poem Custard the Dragon by Ogden Nash is recited & he acts it out. (Symphony No 9, Mvt. 2, Beethoven)

Custard the Dragon had big sharp teeth

With spikes on top of him and spikes underneath,

Mouth like a fireplace, chimney for a nose,

And realio, trulio, daggers on his toes.

  • Opening titles (Baby Shakespeare theme, Weisbach). The title card then disappears in an outburst of bubbles.

ABC Song

  • A block cart appears. 4 blocks appear.
  • 6 girls sings the ABC song.


  • A toy camera appears. A clown's face pops out of it. The word train is then recited.
  • Bard is seen riding on a toy train later replaced in 2004  by a new train that he didn't ride on, with A Thomas #1 Train Riding with His freinds & pulling the word train behind it.
  • A sketch of a train is drawn turning into a live action footage of a real train The poem A Modern Dragon by Rowena Bennett is recited.

A train is a dragon that roars through the dark.

He wriggles his tail as he sends out a spark.

He pierces the night with his one yellow eye,

And all the earth trembles as he rushes by.

Music video: Amusement Park. (Rondo A Capriccio, Beethoven) toy cars,  Playful insects are later replaced in 2004 by a gear shaped amusement park, kinetic art, .


  • The camera appears again, this time with the word flower.
  • Bard sniffs a flower, then sneezes out the word, flower.
  • A sketch of a flower is drawn turning into a real flower The poem A Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare is recited.

I know of a bank where the wild thyme blows,

Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,

Quite overcanopied with luscious woodbine,

With sweet musk roses and with eglantine,

There sleeps Titania, sometime of the night,

Lulled in these flowers with dances and delight.

  • Bard the Bluebird notices that his flower is wilted. He waters it and waits a while, and it springs up. He turns around and it wilts back down. The same thing happens again. He looks at the flower a third time and sure enough, it pops back up. Happy then, he leaves.
  • A bunch of balls are dropped down a funnel into a chute.


  • The camera appears again with the word apple.
  • Bard is seen painting on an easel. He turns the easel around, revealing the word APPLE.
  • A sketch of an apple appears.
  • A carton of apples appears, which is tipped over, while The Apple Tree by Galway Kinnell is recited.

It's the fall. The unfallen apples hold their brightness a little longer into the blue air. Hold the dream they can be brighter.

Music video: Manipulatives. (Rondo in C, Beethoven) lion, puzzle shape sorter (replaced by another shape sorter in 2004, puzzle butterfly.


  • The camera appears with the word cat.
  • A real cat appears, looking around while The Cat and The Moon by W.B Yeats is recited.

The cat went here & there & the moon spun round like a top & the nearest kin of the moon the creeping cat looked up.

  • A worm is popping in and out of a red apple


  • The camera is shown again, this time with the word grass.
  • A tiger  is shown in the grass, Sneaks in the grass Roars a little bit, runs away & Got back when he hears a lawn mower. The word grass appears & Connects it out.
  • Emily Marshall walks in grass is shown with the poem Heavenly Grass by Tennesee Williams. (Fur Elise WoO 14, Beethoven)

My feet took a walk in the heavenly grass,

All day while the sky shone clear as glass.

My feet took a walk in the heavenly grass,

All night while the lonesome stars rolled past

  • The tiger is shown again roaring repeatedly in the grass. A yellow duck  arrives & he roars in the ducks face. Confronted by the duck, the tiger runs away, The duck laughs & walks away


  • The camera appears again, with the word frog.
  • Bard walks in front of a stuffed frog on a lily pad He throws the frog into the water laughs & walks away. The word frog bounces onto the screen.
  • A sketch of a frog appears which turns into a real green frog on a rock. The poem Wadassa Nakamoon by Ray A Young Bear is recited.

Last night, when the yellow moon of November broke through the last line of turbulent midwestern clouds, a lone frog, the same one who probably announced the Spring floods, attempted to sing.


  • The block cart appears again, and the 6 girls sings the ABC song again.


  • The camera appears with the word leaf.
  • Bard wildly jumps through a pile of leaves, then leaves. The word leaf falls onto the screen.
  • A sketch of a leaf appears, which turns into real leaves. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Caroline Botelho is recited.

Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower,

But every so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf,

So Eden sank to grief.

So dawn goes down today,

Nothing Gold Can Stay.

There is a creepy sparkling sound.

video: Kinetic art, balls (replaced by different balls in 2004), gears, spindisc, clown (Allegro for A Flute Clock, Beethoven)


  • The camera appears again with the word snow.
  • Bard is hit by a barrage of snowballs He then throws a snowball into the air and the word snow appears.
  • A footage of falling snow in front of trees is shown with the poem Revival by Steve Crow.

Snow is a mind falling, a continuous breath of climbs, loops, spirals, dips into the earth, like white fireflies wanting to land, finding a wind between houses, diving like moths into their own light, so that one wonders if snow is a wing's long memory across winter.

  • Jane the Monkey (possessed edition) is standing in the snow & is ambushed by a barrage of it.
  • A toy dog chases toy mama duck & her kids.


  • The camera appears again this time with the word tree.
  • Bard stands under a tree then runs away when he hears an owl hooting. The word tree falls from the tree.
  • A sketch of a cherry blossom tree is drawn and it turns into a real tree. The poem Loveliest of Trees by A E  Housman is recited.

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bow,

And stands about the woodland ride,

Wearing white for Easter tide.

Music video: Animals. (Military March No 1, Beethoven) cymbal, monkey, gorilla, pig, cat.


  • The camera appears again, this time with the word cow.
  • Bard stands behind the fence The word cow appears with a moo.
  • A real life cow appears The Calf Path by Sam Walter Foss is recited.

One day, in the primeival wood,

A calf walked home, as good calves should,

But made a trail all bent askew,

A crooked trail, as all calves do.

  • A toy dog and toy mama duck and her kids chasing again.


  • The camera appears again with the word butterfly.
  • Bard is running around chasing a butterfly, flower haku falls off of his head, bumps into a brick wall and faints. The word butterfly appears.
  • A butterfly sketch flies in, which turns into a real butterfly. To A Butterfly by William Wordsworh is recited.

I've watched you now, a full half hour,

Self-poised upon that yellow flower.

And little butterfly, indeed,

I know not if you sleep or feed.

How motionless, not frozen seas,

More motionless, but then,

What joy awaits you when the breeze

Hath found you out in the trees

and calls you forth again?

  • Two cows graze. A purple cow arrives and farts very loudly (TWO TIMES) and smells so bad that the others walk away. A butterfly kisses her on the nose, Spanks out, and she walks away.

Music video: Transportation. (Turkish March, The ruins of Athens, Beethoven) train, helicopter.

(El Chavo appears at that part)


  • The camera appears again this time with the word moon.
  • Bard is seen going to bed, Ywaning Repeadly & kissing A Teddy bear. A moon appears in front of him while My Loves by Langston Hughes is recited. (Sonata No 8, "Pathetique," 2nd Movement, Beethoven) Good night, Bard.

I love to see the big white moon,

A shining in the sky.

I love to see the little stars,

And shadow clouds go by.

I love the raindrops falling

On my rooftop in the night.

I love the soft wind sighing,

Before the dawns gray light.

  • Closing Credits. (Symphony No 9, 4th Movement, Beethoven) All 6 girls talk to the puppets.


  • All the Beethoven pieces in Baby Shakespeare can be heard on the Baby Beethoven CD.
  • This is the first "educational" episode.
  • This is the first episode to feature Beethoven music. The second was Neighborhood Animals, and the third was World Animals.
  • All of the poems are later seen in the Baby Shakespeare Book.
  • On the 2000 cover there was Bard The Green Dragon, But in late 2001(it was still FHE kids),  it was changed to a lizard, who didn't resumble a puppet version of him.
  • Bard the blue boss bird will be seen again in Baby's Favorite Places, Baby's First Moves, Discovering Shapes, and Baby's First Sounds, where he has a blue feather on his head.
  • The train was previously seen in Language Nursery
  • Jane the possessed creepy nightmare monkey Who plays in the snow in its video will be the host of World Animals & many more.
  • This is the 1st appearance of Every puppet in the video except for Bard The Dragon (who appeared in Baby Mozart).
  • The Yorkscher March plays in the main menu.
  • In the 2004 version, the eye whites are seen in Bach the Bunny and Beethoven the Giraffe. But when the screen splits into bubbles the original black-eyed illustrations are shown before the bubbles float up.


Baby Einstein Kids

Dakota and Dylan Snider

Madeline Pluto

Gabrielle Margas

Sierra and Aspen Clark

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