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Baby Van Gogh is a classic video on color.

Baby Van Gogh

Baby Van Gogh is the fifth video in the Baby Einstein Series which was released on August 14, 2000, a year before Clock Day. Hosted by Vincent Van Goat, it introduces the six primary colors, yellow, green, orange, purple, red, & blue. through toys, nature, puppets, poetry, & the art of Vincent Van Gogh. It was later re-released in 2004 with some sketches changed. Some scenes from this video appear in the discovery kit World Of Colors.

World of Color

  • Family Home Entertainment Kids Logo (Replaced by Disney trailers)
  • Baby Einstein Logo
  • Warning Screen
  • two animatronic cacti wearing sombreros dance (Cactus Cha Cha, Bill Weisbach)
  • Opening titles (Gymnopedie no 1, Erik Satie)
  • Static messes up the paint pallate wavy and Broken
  • He Arrives and he was covered in paint! He Wrote his paint on a Pallate on the Screen, he turns around left, painted a V. on his pallate, moves around Very back, and puts away his paintbrush, angry at everyone, and walks away! (Left his red V. on the pallate)

Worlds of Colors (Beginning)

  • World of Color (Carmen Overture, Georges Bizet) beautiful colorful scenes in nature.


  • The Word Yellow Is Seen On The Screen.
  • A yellow duck puppet is happily running around in a patch of sunflowers while a yellow poem is being recited.

When yellow sneaks into my day,

I race outside to jump & play,

twirl around in dizzy fun,

And spin under the yellow sun.

  • Music video: Yellow (William Tell Overture, Lone Ranger, Giacchino Rossini. Anything Replaced By a Minecraft Torch. <:o) during each music video, Vincent paints a piece of Van Gogh art while visions of the color dance through his head. He Loved The Art Dance & He Walked off!
  • Sierra Clark licks a lemon and says yellow.

Duck goes out to play - Fred Moore
Vincent rushes in, begins - Clyde Geronimi
Toy chicks hop around - Lynn Karp
Pan of sunflower field - George Rowley
Oil drops down from ceiling - Josh Meador
Sierra counts petals, then smells - Milt Kahl
Toy car goes forward, then backward - Ollie Johnston
Fade in on Vincent, still painting - Clyde Geronimi
Toy acrobats appear, one at a time - Bill Justice
Toy dog goes left, then right - John Lounsbery
Bears of Ferris wheel go around and around - Fred Moore
Sierra and Mia play in and throw streamers - Milt Kahl and Cy Young

Hatchling Sees Chuck Who Does His Launch Sound, Hatchling Says Yellow


  • Two insect finger puppets dance around on the screen.
  • A car shape sorter appears, with shapes being placed into it. It then drives away.
  • Bonker the turtle bounces a green balloon on his head then runs off when he Plays Vincent. Suddenly, 5 balloons burst one at a time. Each one spells out a letter in the word green when it bursts. Bonkers The Turtle  is chillin' on The River while a green poem is being recited.

Green slithers in to make me cool,

I'm floating in a still wet pool,

With butterflies that dart and pass,

Surrounded by the glistening grass.

  • Music video: Green (Pictures at an Exhibition: Promenade, Mussorgsky)

-Vincent starts to paint



-Madeline has green ribbon on her head then shakes it off

-green squares

-Vincent still is painting

-green flower with smiley face

-Macrae is in front of a green pinwheel

-green top

-Vincent finishes painting

Kids: Madeline Pluto, Macrae Long

  • Hatchling Sees Hal Who Does His Launch Sound, Hatchling Says Green


  • An insect finger puppet climbs up and down onto the screen.
  • The crank on a jack-in-the-box is turned, causing a jester to pop out.
  • Sunny bangs repeatedly on a top hat with a wand 2 times & her brother bach the bunny pops out. She Kisses her brother and he Pops down and she Ran away causing the word orange to appear.
  • An orange poem is recited while a happy orange rabbit named sunny jumps through leaves.

I'm orange and happy, brilliant and bright

My spirit soaring like a kite,

I cartwheel through leaves of fall,

They're crunchy orange, they're big and small.  Music video: Orange (Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss.

-Vincent starts to paint

-Gabriel, Aspen and Brad rock back and forth with arms around each other

-Vincent is still painting

-Gabriel Aspen and Brad still are rocking back and forth

-butterfly puppet (later replaced in 2004 by an orange gorilla)

-Vincent is still painting

-Brandon Clabart watches an orange giraffe pop out

-lava lamp

-Brandon plays with a car

-orange oil drips down



Vincent Van Goat Walked Away & They Applauded.


  • An insect finger puppet Slides forward on the screen and he slides out!
  • Toy cars race down a ramp And Then...SPLASH!

  • Vincent falls in love with a pink goat named Vivian, his girlfriend. he says ooh la la They both walk away Red hearts appear on the screen each 1 popping and spelling out purple.
  • The pink goat bowls in The Street while a purple poem is recited.

Purple feels wacky, wild,

 Crazy, tricky, mellow, mild,

It makes me want to paint my face,

And kick a ball and run a race.

  • Music video Purple (Bolero, Maurice Ravel. This is the way By A Butterfly Replaced.
  • -Vincent starts to paint
  • -purple butterflies
  • -oil
  • -dust orbiting a cylinder
  • -lava lamp (replaced by a color-changing butterfly in 2004)
  • -Vincent is still painting
  • Mia and Sierra catch bubbles
  • wave machine
  • doodle top
  • ) By the time Vincents painting is half finished asent to be a duck comes in, Hears the Door Close & quacks twice The rest of the painting appeared. And He'd Fell down.
  • Kids: Mia Mattheis, Sierra Clark
  • Hatchling Sees Chuck Who Transforms And Does His Angry Burds Space Launch Sound, Hatchling Says Purple


  • Two insect puppets Both pop 1 of them out on the screen and they Jump out!
  • A toy train appears going along the tracks.

When I wake up feeling red

I swoop down from my little bed

Put on a cape. rush out the door

And leap across the scarlet floor

  • Music Video Red (Can Can, Jacques Offenbach. 0.) Morris Sees Clones off , Looks Around
  • -Vincent is about to paint
  • -cars race around
  • -red and blue balls in a circle (replaced by rainbow balls spinning in 2004)
  • -top (replaced by different top in 2004)
  • & Vincent is half finished with his painting turns out the light & Goes to bed. The duck Paints the Rest of it, turns the light back on & the painting is finished. He Turned Around, Laughs & Walks Away.
  • Hatchling Sees Red Who Does His Launch Sound, Hatchling Says Red


  • An insect finger puppet appears on the screen and he is Running away!
  • Euro Train set is Going along the Tracks!

If my feelings turn to blue,

I toss some happy in my stew,

And slurp it up without a spoon,

And gaze out at the milky moon.

  • Music video Blue (Waltz No. 15, Lullaby, Johannes Brahms) Vincent paints Starry Night
  • -Vincent starts to paint
  • -blue birds
  • -blue oil drop
  • -Brad holds an Umbrella over himself and Gabriel to block out the blue balloons falling down
  • -jewel
  • -dolphins hit a ball
  • -Vincent still painting
  • -whale on a wave
  • -Brad looks at a blue car
  • whale on wave again
  • -sunset
  • -Vincent finishes and walks away and a voice says blue
  • Kids: Brad Boller and Gabriel Mazon
  • Hatchling Sees Jay Who Does His Launch Sound, Hatchling and Jay Say Blue

Worlds of Colors (Ending)

  • Beautiful Images of nature!
  • End montage (Pictures at an Exhibition, Great Gate of Kiev, Mussorgsky)
  • Closing credits (1812 Overture, Tchaikovsky)

List of Van Gogh Paintings

  • Fourteen Sunflowers in a Vase, National Gallery
  • Fishing Boats on the Beach of Saintes-Maries, Van Gogh Museum
  • Lane in the Public Gardens at Aries, Kröller-Müller Museum
  • Orchards in Blossom with View of Aries, Van Gogh Museum
  • Starry Night, Museum of Modern Art
  • Wheat Fields with Reaper at Sunrise, Van Gogh Museum


  • This is the only episode with an emphasis on colors.
  • All of the poems are later seen in the Baby Van Gogh Book.
  • Highlights from Baby Van Gogh, plus additional tracks, are found in the Art Time Classics Concert for Little Ears.
  • In the 2002 release onward, the drumming at the beginning of Bolero is different than it is in the 2000 release

Baby Van Gogh Kids



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