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[[]]Baby Bach is a puppet. He first appeared in the cover of Baby Bach. He appears in Baby Van Gogh, Baby Da Vinci, and Meet The Orchestra


Age: 7 seconds

SoundCloud Rapper Name: Pescription Cascade

Favorite quote: "Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang."

Loves: SoundCloud rapping

Friends: Dan the Meme Man, Lil Pump, Logan Paul, Reaction Time, Jake Paul, and RiceGum.

Enemies: Raichu Army

Strengths: He can smoke weed

Weakness: He waits for the weed

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Activity: Being a manwhore

Favorite sport: YTP Tennis

Favorite thing: Doing drugs

Favorite game: Five Nights at Chuck E. Cheese (cringe edition)

Favorite cartoon: The Nutshack

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