Banana is a mini movie of Baby Einstein: The Movie. It's about Aspen, Sierra, and Mia's time as Jake's minions. The story is narrated by Maddie 


On the day, Jake decides to capture his minions... And then Aspen and Mia were jumping on fruits and Mia said "That was fun... i will dress up!" And then she sang Chiquita banana in gibberish short and then Brad said "Hey! Can you eat some food for a lunch break?" and then Mia said "A lunch break?" and then Maddie said "Everyone, It's a great day to have a snack" and then she said "ok ok lunch break lunch break!" and then Mia decides to fall fruits on her head and scream and then Sierra and her friends eat lunch for taking a break and then Mia began to swim in a potion when she got her head stuck in a jar.


Sierra, Mia and Aspen look for banana like despicable me

Mia has fruits in her head and she was singing chiquita banana in gibberish short

The baby einstein gang get some food for lunch break

This is Jake's most prominent appearance.

This is one of the many productions in which Madeline does not appear simply because it takes place in the alternative universe where she had never been born.