Bard And the Cherry tree!



Bard sticking his tongue out at the camera in Baby Mozart.


Bard In Baby Shakespeare




Bard the Green Dragon In Baby Mozart


Bard the Dragon.

Bard the Green Dragon, is a character in Baby Einstein. He first appeared in Baby Mozart, and later hosts Baby Shakespeare. He also appears in Baby Santa's Music Box, World Music, and the discovery kits World Of Words and World Of Rhythm.


Bard is a green dragon who, from his puppet shows, seems to have a goofy personality. In Baby Mozart he sticks his tongue out at the camera, says "blah" and then winks at the camera and walks away.

Bard was the host of Baby Shakespeare, and has also appeared on Baby Mozart (these are two of his most notable appearances). He appears to like poetry.

Poem: Custard the Dragon has big sharp teeth,

And spikes of top of him and spikes underneath.

Mouth like a fireplace chimney for a nose,

And realio, trulio daggers on his toes!

- Ogden Nash, "The Tale of Custard the Dragon."


"Blah!" Baby Mozart


Bards body is green, he also has yellow spikes lining his back. The inside of Bard's mouth is white, and he has a dark red tongue. In some of his official art/plushies, he has a music note on his belly, or he also has a black and white checkerboard pattern on his belly sometimes too (not on the puppets). The Bard puppet got a major design change in 2009.


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