The Bavarian Chemical Factory is a chemical factory where children are held captive in Hawaii.

A group of kids fought the owner,  The factory exploded surgically, and sensed debris everywhere.

The Chemical Factory In Sketch.

Fight for freedom

Madeline Pluto, a two-year-old Asian girl, was kidnapped by the owner of the Axis-owned factory, Jake Cuttsfielder. He made a clone, but it fell into chemicals and was immediately electroshocked.

He then changed his last name to Vongunetterale II. Jake sent an army to hide little Madeline from her parents, boyfriend, babysitter and friends, by teleporting the toddler to the twenty-first dimension. When they came to the factory, he lied to them that she was dead.

Jake got killed, along with his army, The sinister quartet, and Jake's sister, Maren Hoffmann.

Role In the End of the movie.

The Baby Einstein Gang Escaped Away & It's Going to be Crashed! Morris Blew it up & he got away! Waldo Said "We're Thirsty & hungry!" And it fall to the death!

Since Madeline was never born in the current timeline, the events never happened.