Bird Flower

Bubba Dancing With A Flower.


As A Puppet Toy!

Boss Bird is a blue bird. He appears in Baby Shakespeare, Neighborhood Animals (in cartoon and the cover), Baby's Favorite Places, And Baby's First Sounds. He and Bach the Rabbit decided to pursue a career as SoundCloud rappers after being fired by Kids II in 2013. They also both Suck (Sesame Street).
  • Age: 1.9898391234689 nanoseconds
  • Favorite Quote: Wowie zowie special needs!
  • SoundCloud Rapper Name: Lil Boss
  • Likes: "Getting bitches and doing cocaine"
  • Favorite Color: Blue (also likes yellow)
  • Strength: He can breathe
  • Weakness: He has trouble writing good lyrics
  • Favorite Sport: Color Run
  • Favorite Cartoon: Family Guy Brian's Death Scene
  • Favorite Game: Using "kys" as a nickname on Kahoot