so it's been a while since i last done anything to my fixed gatekeeper, and this wiki. so i guess i'm going to do something for once and temporarily replace corey's page with my fixed gatekeeper. idk if you'd know how to use it but i'll just randomly post it here anyways because where else would i have posted it.

 corey's page was temporarily replaced with placeholder fixed gatekeeper loader code.
 even though i think it is way too late to be fixing gk (since it's deprecated) some of you will probably not understand this but here it is anyways.
 the gk loader script that loads another loader..
 anyways, since there is already a version of this leaked, it was never fully fixed, but however, to prevent this from being leaked,
 here are the security measures i managed to put in..
 1. this script has been whitelisted
 2. this script can only be used once per server (per whitelisted person)
 3. you get the point.
 i didn't publish the module yet as of 2018-03-12 (3:38 PM (EDT)) so the script will probably error but anyways, enjoy.
 script.Parent = nil
 local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer -- (is currently client sided but i will fix soon.)
 char = plr.Character
 -- [[ here is where the loader comes in ]] --
 pcall(function() local free_corey = require(27559729) -- real module not released yet
 free_corey(tostring(plr.Name)) end)
 so there we have it, the rest of a short gk loader in 2018

so yeah, that's pretty much it.. :PPP