Dragon SuSu can burn the tip of your tongue if your not careful with it, She is 7 Years old and can be seen in Teachers Pay Teachers.


  • Age: 7 (Since 2011)
  • Nickname: Süsü a sárkány (Dragon Süsü)
  • Married to: ???
  • Friends: Dragon Süsü, The Incredible Hulk.
  • Enemies: Animated crayons, Your Ex.
  • Favorite Book: ZOOM Fun with Friends [citation needed], Maddie's Diary.
  • Weakness: HERPES, AIDS, HIV and she has herself as a weakness
  • Favorite TV Show: ZOOM (1999-Version) [citation needed], Süsü a sárkány
  • Favorite Band: Papírfasz (Alakazard's band)