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Ella the Dragon is Bard's Younger Sister. She is 5 Years old. She appears in a Deleted Scene for Baby's First Sounds, Baby MacDonald, and World of Rhythm. She is Friends with Zorra The Lion.


  • Age: 5 (Born 2011)
  • Nickname: Emily
  • Loves: School
  • Favorite Quote: Blah! (Like Her Brother does)
  • Friends: Billy, Bard the Bluebird, Joe, Matthew, Sarah, Chloe, Hermey, Laura and Vincent Van Goat
  • Enemies: Animated crayons (Bard kicked them)
  • Favorite Book: ZOOM Fun with Friends
  • Weakness: She fell into the Garbage Chute
  • Favorite Kids Show: ZOOM (1999 PBS Kids TV Show)

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