Fish is a character from the Baby Einstein series. She has a blue head and a yellow tail. But in cartoon form she looks like a clownfish. She appears in many different appearances like as a goldfish or a green fish with yellow fins. She also changes appearances in cartoon form like a small purple fish. She appears in World Animals, Baby Neptune, Baby Noah (in cartoon), Meet The Orchestra(all the puppets appear in that video), and World Animal Adventure. She also appears in the discovery kit Wild Animal Safari. She knows how to vape.


  • Age: 420
  • Nickname: Vape Nation
  • Favorite Quote: I want to die.
  • Enemies: The United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Estonia, Japan, Net Neutrality, Google Plus, Bill Gates, Fozzie Bear, Raichu Army, Bullseye, Reddit, Alex, Star, and every other living being on planet Earth.
  • Loves: Guns
  • Weakness: This wiki page is inaccurate as fluff (censored).
  • Favorite Activities: Commiting arson and Vapeing.
  • Favorite Thing: Sonichu x Reader fanfics
  • Favorite Sport: Dictatorship.
  • Favorite Game: Terrorism.
  • Favorite Cartoon: Der Fuhrer's Face
  • Favorite Movie: The Room