Fish is a character from the Baby Einstein series. She has a blue head and a yellow tail. But in cartoon form she looks like a clownfish. She appears in many different appearances like as a goldfish or a green fish with yellow fins. She also changes appearances in cartoon form like a small purple fish. She appears in World Animals, Baby Neptune, Baby Noah (in cartoon), Meet The Orchestra(all the puppets appear in that video), and World Animal Adventure. She also appears in the discovery kit Wild Animal Safari. She knows how to speak all the Italian from Language Nursery.


  • Age: 7
  • Nickname: Color Changer
  • Favorite Quote: I look so cute.
  • Friends: Isac and Zorra the Lions, Tiger, Penguin, Webster the Parrot, Pavlov the Dog, Manager the Clown, Vincent Van Goat, Bard the Dragon, Neighton the Horse, Aspen Clark, Sierra Clark, Gabriel Mazon, Brad Boller, Mia Metthais, Mark Scholz, Madeline Pluto, Tony Pluto, Rochelle Pluto, Jill, Samantha Allison, Bach The Rabbit & others!
  • Enemies: Jake v2, Maren Hoffmann, Owen, Nora, Faith, Maggie, Alayna,  Madeline's kidnappers, Animated Crayons, Animated Shapes and Caterpillar
  • Loves: Squirt Guns

Weakness: She swims way too fast.

  • Favorite Activity: Swimming
  • Favorite Thing: Compact Discs
  • Favorite Sport: Tennis
  • Favorite Game: Guess Who?
  • Favorite Cartoon: ReBoot

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