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It's Happy Bunny

You suck and that's sad

Does It's Happy Bunny dislike anybody in particular?? Of course not. It's Happy Bunny dislikes everybody, And you should think of Happy Bunny as your Senpai because she is.

So then, Since I'm bored and I know it's not related to Baby Einstein, I'll just write it anyways.

So then, H.B. is a sarcastic bunny that has insults written under it's feet such as "It's Cute How Stupid You Are", "cute but psycho, things even out", "please go suck a butt" and more.

She was CLoggermore's possible bunny-love from October 2017 to November 2017, This has quickly switched over to Max&Ruby.. this has quickly been a page of redirection.


Happy Bunny is considered to be CLoggermore's idol of October 2017 to November 2017, There was a folder that had over 760 images of happy bunny and counting.

In January of 2016, It's Happy Bunny starred in the anime "It's Happy Bunny Gets Aids." The anime was a huge success in places such as North Korea and Russia. It can be watched here:

She also starred in this anime called "The Happy Bunny show" where she tells kids how they were born, I managed to find the perfect opportunity to play the audio in a phone call that some little kids could hear, it can be watched here:

She also featured in a series called "Goanimate Complaints Department", Can be seen here:


note: this used to be a goanimate theme.

Here is a gallery