Jamie Wilson is a 9-year old girl who babysat Madeline a few weeks after she was born. She found the infant to be adorable. As a result, she tickled her and lifted her up in the air. Madeline loved being tickled by her. When Jamie lifted the baby up in the air, she was insecure for a moment, worried about being taken away from her mother and being held up like that. However, her insecurity quickly passed, and she giggled and struggled playfully. After they were done playing Madeline's favorite game, peekaboo, Jamie then handed the little girl to her parents... She was accused of being a child-molester.

In Baby Einstein '99

Jamie Wilson was known to be tegan's third exile, She has nothing against tegan, In "Teachers Pay Teachers" she is one of the student's from Mrs. Bankhead's Class, She can also be seen walking out of Ms. Hise's class with a "Between The Lions" VHS tape heading back to Mrs. Bankhead's, Shoving the VHS into her backpack before she heads to Mrs. Bankhead's.