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This Article is about the sheep puppet, for the creator see Julie Clark

Julie The Sheep was a half and half on Baby Einstein

Her first appearance is in Baby MacDonald, during that time, she didn't do much, besides the sound choir where she stayed with Roger before Wellington sprayed his Mouth. She and Nathan the Horse drink what they think is milk, it is actually cream, then she was dancing in the harvest, and then she entered the barn and was the first to surprise Betsy, she later falls asleep on hay.
As the host of Lullaby Time, she had put stuffed animals to bed before collapsing at the end.

In Baby's First Sounds,  she and her clone bleat

Baby Vivaldi,

Baby Lullaby, she did the same stuff as in LullaBy Time

a bonus puppet show from World of Words.

In the 10 year version of Baby Mozart, she is waken up by Roger, and in a bonus puppet show, she sounds like an oboe instead of bleating

In The Cover Of Baby Lullaby