Language Nursery is a 28 minute video that was released on January 31, 1997.

The Language Nursery 2005-2007 DVD cover.


One of Language Nursery's first releases.


A preview of Language Nursery.

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 501:06

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 5

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 100:59

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 1

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 401:11

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 4

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 301:18

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 3

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 201:13

Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip 2

Baby Einstein Language Nursery (2007) - Clip Letter Blocks01:29

Baby Einstein Language Nursery (2007) - Clip Letter Blocks

Baby Einstein: Language Nursery

Language Nursery, originally called just Baby Einstein, is a Baby Einstein video released on January 31, 1997, and is the first video in the series. It exposes infants to foreign language with enriching visuals. It was later re-released in October 2004 with some toy replacements.


Star (On the cover of the 1997-2003 versions).

Einstein The Caterpillar (On the 2003-2007 covers and DVD menus)

Bard The Dragon

Issac The Lion

Vincent Van Goat

Beethoven The Giraffe

Knee Deep The Frog

Wellington Van Cow (Baby MacDonald Puppet)

Quacker The Duck (Baby Beethoven Puppet)

Nathan The Horse (Neighborhood Animals)

Pavlov the Dog (Baby Beethoven)

Julie The Sheep

Oinky The Pig (Neighborhood animals)

Chillin the chicken

Roger the rooster


  • Stay tuned screen.
  • Warning screen.
  • Bard The Dragon cranks a box and a Bear pops out of a jack in a box(English, Hello).
  • Opening titles. Original theme by William Weisbach.
  • Fish bowl (zoomed in).
  • Black, white, & red patterns(German, Abendlied).
  • Mechanical black & white cow toy works its magic.
  • Stacking rings. Russian 1-20 with the Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack replaced in 2004 by wooden stacking rings.
  • Issac The Lion and Beethoven The Giraffe party hard
  • A toy train engine moves forward replaced in 2004 with a new & improved train. Baby Shakespeare Does Have the 2004 Version. Telly Monster also appears in Elmo's World: Pets.
  • Nathan The Horse Runs around
  • Liquid motion toy(Japanese, Aiueo).
  • Vincent Van goat paints his girlfriend
  • "Some barnyard stairs & a chute" toy(English, Jack & Jill).
  • Flower patterns(Hebrew, Numi Numi).
  • Black white and red mobile(German, Lied).
  • Pavlov the dog turns a box and the Bear pops out of a jack in the box (Spanish, Hola).
  • Cardboard bricks(French, 1-20).
  • Candles lit to a black Russian lullaby. Later replaced in 2004 by a fiber-optic lamp close up.
  • Quacker The Duck swims on the lake
  • Doll patterns (Japanese, Nen, Nen, Sleep, Sleep). All dolls except for Raggedy Ann were replaced in 2004.
  • Train moves again, this time backwards.
  • Knee Deep the frog was controlling
  • Einstein the Caterpillar(Spanish, Hey Diddle Diddle by Oye Mira).
  • Spiral ball lamp German 1-20
  • Carousel with dog cat & bunny(French, J'avais I Had). Later replaced in 2004 by a carousel of dogs and balls.
  • Chain of plastic black white and red shapes(Hebrew, Numi Numi).
  • Bear pops out of a jack-in-the-box. Hebrew, Shalom.
  • Foam alphabet blocks are stacked & then knocked over. Hebrew alphabet later replaced in 2004 by wooden blocks.
  • Patterns. (Spanish, Brilla Brilla) Twinkle Twinkle
  • Starfish English, Humpty Dumpty.
  • Mobile zoomed out. (French alphabet)
  • Musical stuffed lamb later replaced by Julie The Sheep: Oscar the Grouch also appears in Elmo's World: Helping.
  • Train again moves forward stops moves to right.
  • Barnyard stair and chute toy again. Little Rooster, Russian, .
  • Pinwheel. Kinderpreigt, German. Childs Prayer.
  • Red musical clock English 1-20 later replaced by clock that plays hickorey dickorey dock
  • Bear pops out of jack-in-the-box. Japanese, Konichiwa. (Good day)
  • Toy patterns Bo Peep French Little Bo Peep all toys were replaced in 2004 except star jellybeans & string.
  • Julie The Sheep Sleeps
  • Wooden xylophone.
  • Gyroscope and Spanish alphabet.
  • Fish bowl far out. Hebrew 1-20.
  • Train again, moves forward then backward.
  • Stacking rings again.
  • Candles English Twinkle Twinkle.
  • Wellington Van Cow, Julie the Sheep, Oinky the Pig, Nathan The Horse, Chillin the chicken, and Roger The Rooster do an animal sound choir. Tex The Robot shows us a moo can and turns it but it does a weak moo so Tex gets a plug. He powers the 6 animals and the crowd cheers.
  • Black white and red patterns. Japanese, 1-20.
  • Hand Russian poem.
  • Wellington Van cow turns the box and again the Bear pops out of jack in the box. French Bonjour Hello.
  • Green spinning top German alphabet later replaced by different top in Baby Van Gogh a
  • Windchime Hebrew Laila Tov Yededi Go 2 Sleep later replaced in 2004 by a different windchime.
  • Metronome with red dot. later replaced by Chillin the Chicken
  • Rattle Spanish 1-10 later extended for 1-20.
  • Train with doll in car. English, Little Miss Muffet.
  • Vegetable pattern replaced by a fruit & vegetable pattern Japanese . The Cherry Blossom Song pepper peas carrots & celery banana peas & apple.
  • Live cat Russian alphabet.
  • Duck under hat German Hallo Duck & hat were both replaced( replaced duck was Vivaldi the Mallard in this Discovery Kit) music Matterhorn Jig by William weisbach.
  • Stuffed cow later replaced by Wellington (Baby MacDonald)
  • Closing Credits lullaby by William Weisbach w/Aspen saying peekaboo. He Also appears in Baby Shakespeare.
    • Old MacDonald song with Wellington Van Cow, Julie the sheep, Oinky The Pig, Nathan The Horse, Chillin the Chicken and Roger the Rooster

Language nursery Kids

Aspen Clark


  • When the Spanish alphabet is being recited one Spanish letter does not appear to be heard, although it is considered not a letter, but a common letter conjugation in Spanish language.
  • In the 1997 release, the rattle Spanish counting was 1-10. This was later replaced in 2004 by 1-20.
  • The Playtime Train was later seen in Baby Shakespeare.
  • The Baby Einstein Caterpillar is based on the Centipede toy, and possibly the Centipede games.
  • Some toys in this video are later seen in Baby Mozart.
  • On the 1997-2002 cover there was a star with different colors but when Language Nursery was later re-released in 2004, it was changed to the Baby Einstein Caterpillar, Baby Einstein's current secondary mascot.
  • This is the only video where the Baby Einstein puppets are absent.
  • In the 2000 release, the tutorial at the beginning was replaced by an About Baby Einstein montage at the end.
  • From 2000 to 2002, Baby Einstein put a toy chest in Language Nursery's DVD release as they did many others. This one was short-lived before it transitioned to another short-lived Walt Disney period.
  • The FHE also proudly displayed their emblem at the beginning of the DVD while they still could.
  • The person that spoke the Hebrew for the video in 1997 was different than the 1998 and beyond versions. Nobody knows why this person was replaced and it's one of the greatest mysteries in the B.E franchise.
  • a Uncut Movie


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