Language Nursery is a 28 minute video that was released on February

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  • Stay tuned screen.
  • Warning screen.
  • Bear pops out of a jack in a box(English,).
  • Opening titles. Original theme by William Weisbach.
  • Fish bowl (zoomed in).
  • Black, white, & red patterns(German, Abendlied).
  • Mechanical black & white cow toy works its magic.
  • Stacking rings. Russian 1-20 with the Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack replaced in 2004 by wooden stacking rings.
  • A toy train engine moves forward replaced in 2004 with a new & improved train.
  • Liquid motion toy(Japanese, Aiueo).
  • "Some barnyard stairs & a chute" toy(English, Jack & Jill).
  • Flower patterns(Hebrew, Numi Numi).
  • Black white and red mobile(German, Lied).
  • Bear pops out of a jack in the box (Spanish, Hola).
  • Cardboard bricks(French, 1-20).
  • Candles lit to a black Russian lullaby. Later replaced in 2004 by a fiber-optic lamp close up.
  • Doll patterns (Japanese, Nen, Nen, Sleep, Sleep). All dolls except for Raggedy Ann were replaced in 2004.
  • Train moves again, this time backwards.
  • Einstein the Caterpillar(Spanish, Hey Diddle Diddle by Oye Mira).
  • Spiral ball lamp German 1-20
  • Carousel with dog cat & bunny(French, J'avais I Had). Later replaced in 2004 by a carousel of dogs and balls.
  • Chain of plastic black white and red shapes(Hebrew, Numi Numi).
  • Bear pops out of a jack-in-the-box. Hebrew, Shalom.
  • Foam alphabet blocks are stacked & then knocked over. Hebrew alphabet later replaced in 2004 by wooden blocks.
  • Patterns. (Spanish, Brilla Brilla) Twinkle Twinkle
  • Starfish English, Humpty Dumpty.
  • Mobile zoomed out. (French alphabet)
  • Musical stuffed lamb later replaced by a different lamb
  • Train again moves forward stops moves to right.
  • Barnyard stair and chute toy again. Little Rooster, Russian, .
  • Pinwheel. Kinderpreigt, German. Childs Prayer.
  • Red musical clock English 1-20 later replaced by clock that plays hickorey dickorey dock
  • Bear pops out of jack-in-the-box. Japanese, Konichiwa. (Good day)
  • Toy patterns Bo Peep French Little Bo Peep all toys were replaced in 2004 except star jellybeans & string.
  • Wooden xylophone.
  • Gyroscope and Spanish alphabet.
  • Fish bowl far out. Hebrew 1-20.
  • Train again, moves forward then backward.
  • Stacking rings again Hebrew Koolam Everyone Clap Hands.
  • Candles English Twinkle Twinkle.
  • Black white and red patterns. Japanese, 1-20.
  • Hand Russian poem.
  • Bear pops out of jack in the box. French Bonjour Hello.
  • Green spinning top German alphabet later replaced by different top.
  • Windchime Hebrew Laila Tov Yededi Go 2 Sleep later replaced in 2004 by a different windchime.
  • Metronome with red dot. later replaced by a metronome with a yellow dot.
  • Rattle Spanish 1-10 later extended for 1-20.
  • Train with doll in car. English, Little Miss Muffet.
  • Vegetable pattern replaced by a fruit & vegetable pattern Japanese . The Cherry Blossom Song pepper peas carrots & celery banana peas & apple.
  • Live cat Russian alphabet.
  • Duck under hat German Hallo Duck & hat were both replaced( replaced duck was Vivaldi the Mallard).
  • Stuffed cow Japanese Niji cow later replaced by different cow.
  • Closing Credits lullaby by William Weisbach.

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