m Maddie Wonka was the broken sister of Christian Weston Chandler and was a cringy YouTuber responsible for making the baby einstein wiki cringier than it was before by putting her shitty fandom on here, She also tries to blame the dog for "vandalizing" her page.

if any of this info was inaccurate, i just needed to kill some time so basically i'm editing this deadass page with my dumb thoughts, hope you had fun reading thisas much as i did writing it


Maddie was born to a female rapist on September 11th Shortly before P.W. Bossy (Gillete Logstart) was born. She was the result of her raping an old man without protection. She tried to abort Maddie, but unfortunately she had reached her abortion limit and could not do it legally. Maddie's mother tried to abort her with a coat hanger but she failed and ended up breaking her vagina and bleeding everywhere. She started off in the /b/ section of 4chan until she found someone named "COREYNJ" with his phone number, Ironically, She dialed it and had "Phone Sex" with corey NJ, She smoked weed with Corey N.J. (Baby Einstein Remake), She also was in the BooBah Cult where she did the nicolas cage sacrifice to The TeleTubbies with Corey N.J, All because of 4chan. weeks after the sacrifice, Maddie-Sans and Corey-4Chan will star in the Fourth Season of the Boku No Pico reboot, where it will be lots of fun. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Maddie and Corey had a child called Cool Cat on 4/20/2018. Together they all hate on PAW Patrol and watch Kirby Rule 34. Maddie was married to Ice Poseidon before she married Corey as well. And now, as Bun reads this work of art, She is now making sure Maddie has at least some çıkıçıkıçıkış in her by making her watch Çıxış Yolu to see how çıkıçıkıçıkış it is, however she prefers "fart male white porn" instead of that shit propaganza, so CLoggermore gives her a "game" called "NKO WALADA KUMALA" linked here She then threw a tantrum because she "lost" even though it wasn't even a game and she didn't even know what it said, She was depressed for seven full weeks until she found out about benobve she has been watching his videos for 2 weeks now as of me editing this, She had also been watching super why, She praises super why by using an antivirus called "protegent", She also praises some show called "████" by uploading content related to it,She somehow has an addiction to "CRACK" or as she calls it "Jake Paul", She was living like a normie until she snorted up a lot of "sugar" while listening to "Its Everyday Bro". This caused her to "have schizophrenia" and upload videos of stuff she likes, but also hide it as a secret message begging for someone to help her. Ever since she snorted up some "jake paul", She has been uploading these strange videos for quite some time until one day, She gotten stuck in one of the lifts modernized by THE EVANS LIFT ALLIANCE. It took her 5 hours to get out. And nobody was happy with her, She ended up making videos in an insane asylum for 5 weeks until release. She joined "The Gathering of the Juggalos" and managed to get ahold of some "Faygo", Now we will wait and see what will happen soon. She also has a crush on Krusty the Clown and loves playing Roblox McDonalds Tycoon.


She started a YouTube channel under the name of "BoohbahYesRaichutheGreatNo VGCP". She was barely understandable and often yelled swear words a lot in her videos. She released videos ranging in topics, Like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Seven Fun But Retarded Shitters, and The Kirby OST (for some insignificant reason). It seemed as if her videos also had the show "ZOOM" in there, They somehow are encoded to show subliminal messages begging for someone to help her. Most of the BE community were bewildered by her topics. Also why a Kirby OST playlist without Kirby music? She also stole LetsWatcher's Nickname, Not only this but she tried to directly copy off of bun by "hacking" into her computer, however it seemed as if she failed because CLoggermore doesn't know who the hell this fucker is, He doesnt even have a link to her channel, If this counts as vandalism, Please tell me how the fuck its vandalizing, Shes probably one of those cringy ass VGCP people.


"Welcome to Seven Fun Friends!"


"Raichu the Great is fucking dumb lol."




Gateway to Hell (aka Gallery)

Maddie fretz

high impact sexual violence


Maddie rapes the cow for the 100th time in an attempt to impregnate it again before it gets sold for slaughter.

Grandma irl

the man who made him play "nko walada kumala"

Links because why not

the cringy youtube of fretzshits:


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