Maddie's Diary Part 2 : Tokyo Drift

So this is the continued study of Maddie's Diary. Not much here yet.

NOTE: The page count may not continue from part 1 as written in 1:253:03-04;

Current studies :

Page 0 starts off with the heading that is labed "Part ][" with an alakazard like paganist symbol placed right over it (Upside down pentagram with cross on it. (A.K.A This)) and is coincidentially dated on "2003-07-03", where as maddie tries to go to this exact location, at this exact date, on this exact time in an attempt to assassinate me right after i was born so i would never get ahold of maddie's diary, therefore she will be the possible new leader. However, Her plan backfired as she got my birth-date wrong. She has also manged to go to P.W. to warn P.W. Bossy about Nasty Ahmede becoming zuess and defeating WONKA once and for all.

Page 1 says a heading that says "Part II," it starts off with a paragraph about the Pokemon Type: Null, which explains how Maddie cloned it with 10 Powersaves on her Pokemon Ultra Moon game. She said she was gonna use the Type: Nulls to torture cult prisoners and "exterminate bad users." (NOTE: This page was not dated nor located).

Page 2 is dated July 7th, 2003. Here Maddie talks about how she managed to sneak her Game Boy Advance into juvy. The only games she had for it though were Catz and Totally Angelica (which are the best games ever to her, and even better than Hey You Pikachu! So yeah they're really bad). Maddie had spent 87 hours in the Fluffy's Pinball Maze minigame on Totally Angelica before throwing her GBA against the wall, causing it to break into a million pieces. She had started whining for no reason, claiming that it was all my fault even though I wasn't born yet and she was the one that threw it against the wall. Maddie then stated that the only way to get her GBA back was to "sacrifice three ZOOM haters in the name of the Godrod Family." However, she was too stupid to realize that it wouldn't work and that her GBA was unable to be repaired. She had also used all of her money (that wasn't even her's, she just stole it all from her mom) on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s that she used when she attempted to blow up the 99 Cent Only store.

Page 3 is dated July 8th, 2003. It has a paragraph on how Maddie is still mad about her GBA, and how she will get revenge for it. The next paragraph is in broken English and Godrodian. I could only make out a little bit of it, but from what I could read it said: "Back ZOOM escape sacrifice." I'll try to get a decoder or something to hopefully uncover more of it.

Page 4 was written on 2003-07-10. surprisingly enough, it was written it in this exact location (221 Kings highway West Haddonfield NJ 08033), It says that this house used to be one of the zoom cult's hideouts and that this was the hosue a former member was killed in.It was also said that they had this for 4 years until Unfortunately, someone accidentally found it, causing them to abandon their old hideout and move to a new one.. The house was sooner sold, Weirder enough, it seems as if a link to this video can be seen, the video was posted by "Lucas Wonson" as a part of his ongoing ARG showing this exact location for sale. It seems as if one of his family members sell houses and that this was one of them, Coincidentially enough, This exact location seems to be in the same neighborhood as Lucas is. (NOTE: This was written on the exact same date when an unknown warning broadcast was seen on live tv, It's signal seemed to have originated within this exact location.)

Page 5 was written on 2003-07-11, 2:5:01-03; seems to be written in godrodian, Ironically enough, Maddie has written "placeholder text" on this page (Seen on 2:5:05;)

Page 6 was written on July 12th, 2003. Maddie wrote about her "prophecy" here, which was: "The power of thunder will one day arise, and it will strike me and the cult." I'm still trying to figure out what this means as of March 21st, 2018.

Page 7 was written on July 13th, 2003. On the top right corner of the page, there is what's presumed to be a coffee stain. The whole entire page is in Caillouese and Godrodian, and it's currently being translated as of March 21st. A part of the translation can be seen here :

"day 5 without any cigarettes after a massive smoking (22 per day before i quit)

I sleep more often and my eyes are endlessly red.

my mood is shit and i don't want to do anything but i can do anything if i want to

another thing i noticed is that i can skip the time

not bored and stuff" 2:07:01;

Page 8 was dated on 2003-07-13, It cointains the same coffee stain from 2:07; except in the top-left corner (Obviously) 2:08:01-08; was known to be written in 8 different laguages (Three of them being Caillouese, Godrodian and Wonka) and will be translated by respected leader. 2:08:09; was coincidentially dated on "2018-02-21" saying that she might have saw me at a rehab center. By coincidence, I saw someone that looked like Maddie herself, but however, she did not recognize me.

Page 9 was dated on 2003-07-14, It is said that she has called into Radio Graffiti on True Capitalist Radio even though it doesn't exist yet.. It also talks about the national walkout and how it wont stop shootings.. She does have a point though!

Page 10 was dated on 2003-07-15. It states that she married Hamoude on this day. The best man at the wedding was an individual known as 'Pad Animations', Who was also known as 'volterthebaeguy' It is said here that Pad was an outlaw who was trying to wipe out his 'haters', and he was supposedly Hamoude's best friend. It is said that hamoude said "HECK YOU MOTHERHECKER!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ" To me as I apparently was a hater of Pad, although I wasn't born yet. Pad then joined the ZOOM cult later that day and quickly advanced to the Seven Fun Friends Rank as Chuck was demoted. Chuck supposedly got arrested for selling poisoned chocolate and was then demoted. According to the diary, the wedding took place in the parking lot of a Wisconsin Denny's. In the same day, Maddie and Hamoude became friends with babyalexandros, who joined the ZOOM Cult on that day, and later advanced to the Seven Fun Friends rank.ย Whilst this page is written in mixed Godrodian and Caillouese.

Page 11 is dated July 17th, 2003. This page has Maddie's rant on "bad users." It said how she was going to "ground all the ZOOM and Yo Gabba Gabba haters" (even though Yo Gabba Gabba didn't even exist then). She then wrote about because of her "haters" she would burn almost all copies of the Baby Einstein: Circle Time board book, thus making it as rare as it is.

Page 12 was never dated; However, This page look similar to what was seen in anne frank's diary (The Annex). But instead written in Godrodian/Caillouese/Vecistani

Pages 13-15 contain Respected Leader VisualPlugin's speech on Corroborating the arrest of CLarramore and Maddie. (Why?)

Page 16 is dated July 27th, 2003. It contains "Ring a bell!?" - Sparta Remix (NO BGM). It also has her confession on how she wants Hamoude to be her "waifu for laifu." She the gives out a date for the GBA sacrifice, which is August 9th, 2003. The next paragraph is written in Godrodian, but I'll translate it soon.

Page 17 is dated July 30th, 2003. It talks about how Maddie now praises a show called "JayJay the Jet Plane" and how it would become one of the ZOOM Cult's "gods."

Page 18 is dated August 1st, 2003. It contains Maddie's preparations for the ZOOM Hater sacrifice (which was to bring back her GBA). It would be performed on August 9th. Her, Reaction Time, and babyalexandros would meet in the parking lot of an Arizona Taco Bell at 11:25 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time). Maddie would also bring 7 VHS copies of Lamb Chop's Play-Along to sacrifice as well (as this is one of the shows she despised), and would bring 30 JayJay the Jet Plane VHSes to "pray to" once the sacrifice was done.

Page 19 is dated August 2nd, 2003. It has a timestamp of 6:38 PM MST. This page contains Maddie's fanart of JayJay the Jet Plane. An image will be posted soon.


The Rosechu medallion Chris sent Maddie.

Page 20 is dated August 4th, 2003. It writes about how Chris Chan made her a Sonichu medallion and a Rosechu medallion out of the "sacred material" known as Model Magic that had been kept in storage for about ten years. Maddie and Chris became really good friends after this, and then she decided to make him one of her many "husbands," which made Chris happy since he was in the Love Quest at the time (which is still going on).

Page 21 is dated August 5th, 2003. It has her revised plans for the ZOOM sacrifice. These revised plans are: add Chris Chan to the list of people that can attend the sacrifice, buy some Baby Mozart 2000 VHS tapes from eBay and sacrifice them too, look through 4chan for any ZOOM haters, and look on AOL (which is now extinct, rest in pepes) for any haters.

Page 22 is dated August 6th, 2003. placeholder text ecks deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee