Octonozzle Now approve

Octonozzle found bathing suit.

Octonozzle Put bathing suit on.

Octonozzle happy wit bathing suit on.

Octonozzle realises these were on someone before him.

Octonozzle sees $%1^ $%^7*

Octonozzle screams.

Octonozzle explodes.

King Bob omb Now approve.

King Bob omb Finds bathing suit

King Bob omb puts bathing suit on

King bob omb sees $%i^ $%^7*

King bob omb gets so scared he explodes

KK Slider does not approve

KK Slider Finds bathing suit

KK Slider sees $%i^ $%^7*

KK slider incerates Bathing suit

Teh 3nd of bathing suit

$%i^ $%^7* Turns out to be Skid marks

Turns out maddie is a car.

Inception music plays

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