Maddie started the ZOOM Cult on October 9th, 1992 shortly five minutes after performing the nic-cage sacrifice on Ella for Satan.

All of the Godrod Family are a part of the cult. She would make religious sacrifices to the "Gods Of ZOOM" almost every week during their cult meetings whenever possible. These sacrifices would range from pets and animals to other members in the name of "Papa Gino." and random objects as well. The cult had rankings, but highest one was known as The Seven Fun Friends. A higher rank was known as "Snow White"

The Seven Fun Friends were known as: Corey in the Burning TractorCarson, Maddie, babyalexandros , LF5, Aidan Robert, and Chuck.

There seems to be 10 commandments of the cult which are:

  1. You must be a member of the Godrodian Cartoon Police (GCP) and the Video Game Cartoon Police (VGCP)
  2. You must watch Yo Gabba Gabba and ZOOM at least three times a day or you will be sent into exile
  3. You must have the Toca Life app downloaded
  4. You must Suck Sesame Street.
  5. You must like, Toca Life, B.E Bootlegs, Bubba, Boohbah The Anime, The Emoji Movie, Baby Prodigy, and anything else that Maddie worships or you will be executed and considered an "opinion disrespecter".
  6. Fucking daddy derek is important. If you dont fuck him once a month, zoom will be cancelled again, and maddie will sacrifice you...
  7. Organic oregano is important. take some when you feel drupey. also add some "sugar" and youll see eagles.
  8. Check the hitlist and if any of them show up, hit Marx and his hedgehog.
  9. Check on maddie every five minutes. She needs you!
  10. You must worship Maddie, As she was our lord and savior and the one who created the ZOOM Cult.

Opening of Maddie's Diary

The whole ritual took place in Walden University (PlaceHolder)

Notable quotes from this cult.

"Maybe if you'd fuck me, then your elbow wouldn't hurt so much!" - Maddie to an unknown member (what da fukk?)

"I want someone to snort a line of cocaine off my ass." - Aidan Robert



"ESKETIT" -Lil Pump

"I just wanna fuck iCarly already" - Lil Pump

"public void GTFO()" - LOOPADOG

"Omae wa mou shindeiru" - NANI!?