Madeline Pluto (born 1998) was a member of the Baby Einstein gang. She was 2 years old when she appeared on Baby Einstein.


Madeline Pluto was thought to be "born" in May 9, 1998. But due to certain circumstances and possible time travelling, She was actually born on December 13, 1996.

She was thought to have been "the ultimate prodigy" by the time she was born, There was thought to be a "Baby Einstein Movie" made after her. but there never was one.

Joining Baby Einstein

She only appeared in Baby Shakespeare and Baby Van Gogh.

In Baby Shakespeare, she wore a red, long-sleeved shirt, and sang the alphabet. Before the end credits, a yellow rabbit puppet appeared near her.

In Baby Van Gogh, she played under green streamers in The Green Skit and gave a cute gesture at the screen. At the end, during the credits, Madeline was the first kid to be shown.