Baby Einstein Baby Newton (1997) - Clip 5 Minute Preview04:30

Baby Einstein Baby Newton (1997) - Clip 5 Minute Preview


Manager Looking At The Circle

Manager is the animated clown you see in the beginning and the end of Baby Newton. He is made of shapes, a lot of circles, squares, and a triangle, and introduces each shape by interacting with them before their corresponding soothing montage. Unlike most clowns he is very funny. He tries to be funny because he is a serious fashion person and wants all the items to be a clown. He has a crush on Madeline, much to Mark's disapproval. His nose does not make any noise because it is stuck to him. Therefore it never comes off and his hat works the exact same way. He has the ears of a zebra and the tail and of a goat but you can see them because he keeps them in his shirt and takes them out at times and he has the feet and claws of a cat and the body of a goat. He has wolf personality and disguise.  Sometimes he behaves like Blue the puppy from Blues Clues like the way she does in What is Blue Afraid of (but he isn't afraid of anything), Blue's Sad Day, Blue is Frustrated, and the way Steve did in Steve gets the Sniffles. Principal Rob knows if he can't do it! He knows how to speak all the Greek from Language Nursery.


Born in 2002 in Greece, Manager took up the language at 2, taught under Principal Rob.

His favorite foods is pizza from the pizza restaurants [1], Pizza, and Hut


Age: 21

Favorite quotes: UGH! Does this problem ever get fixed?

Coincidence, I think NOT!!!

Nickname: Mr. friend

Friends: Vincent Van Goat Pavlov The Dog Monet the Purple Zebra Rudy the Raindeer, Bach the Bunny,

Loves: Animals (except bugs) and Madeline Pluto

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 8.47.36 AM

Enemies: Animated crayons even though they drew him in Baby Newton

Strengths: He knows how 2 zebra kick a locked door open

Weakness: He can stand being laughed at & if someone calls him funny he looses his temper & zebra kicks them

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite activity: Science

Favorite sport: Paintball

Favorite Game: Connect four

Favorite animals: wolf, jackal, and coyote

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite Cartoon: The Proud Family

Favorite Movie: The Secret of NIMH

Behind the scenes

He was puppeteered by Principal Rob and voiced by Sierra Clark .

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