Baby Einstein On The Go (1997) - Clip Round and Round - 4100:41

Baby Einstein On The Go (1997) - Clip Round and Round - 41

His Cameo Going away!

Mark's A penguin! In baby santa, He Is Throwing the balls with Morris and he Invent a target! It is A Tie! He Appears in On the go & More! Not to be confused with the boy.

Role in the quest

He Follows Jake And he Spot The two penguins and he said "Look I Found her!" And they Got here!


  • Age: 9
  • Nickname: Pingo
  • Favorite Quote:----Me Manager!
  • Loves: Playing Ball
  • Freinds: Penelope & other
  • Enemies: None
  • Weakness: He Was Hit by a ball!
  • Strenghts: He Bounced his head

(His Favorite Food is Fish Tuna & other!)

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