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Meet The Orchestra is a Baby Einstein video that was released on March 7, 2006. The hippo is the conductor.  The orange rabbits play  the saxophones the recorders the clarinets and  flutes. the hippos play horns like trumpets bugles tubas trombones and french horns, the ducks play violins cellos violas and harps, the giraffes play the drums the cymbals the tambourines the timpanies and xylophones,  and the koalas play the piano and guitar. The timpani is the best part.


Beethoven The Giraffe

Mozart The Koala

Sunny the Bunny

Bach the Bunny


Rudy The Reindeer

Tan Reindeer

Waldo the Walrus

Violet The Mous the Horse

Betsy the cow


  • Ava Yosef
  • Cameron Conley
  • Chloe Smith
  • Colton Anderson
  • Donovan Curry
  • Ella Fretz
  • Gen Krivanec
  • Hannah Ellis
  • Jaden Shaw
  • Jason Gill
  • Kainoa Bain
  • Kane Marcus
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  • Lars Harris
  • Mari Kemp
  • Mario Pena
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  • Nazharra Stemhagen
  • Nicholas Verdi
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