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Mia Adrienne Kuniko Mettais (born 1997) was a member of the Baby Einstein gang. She appeared on Baby Van Gogh and Neighborhood Animals. She is Sierra Clark's best friend. She loves apples and bananas and apples.


Mia was born in late 1997

Joining Baby Einstein

Mettais appeared in Baby Van Gogh and Neighborhood Animals, for two scenes.

The first scene, The Yellow section, was when she played under yellow streamers with Aspen Clark.

  1. The second scene, The Purple section, was when she played with bubbles with Aspen's sister, Sierra Clark. they also wore butterfly bonnets of deep purple. She was 3 years old when she appeared Baby Einstein.

Mia can talk.

Personal Life

Stock footage of Aspen Clark Mia Mattheis under the yellow streamers

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