Blue Mouse and Penguin

Penelope & Misty.


As a puppet toy.

Baby Einstein Baby Wordsworth (2005) - Clip Bathroom, pre01:12

Baby Einstein Baby Wordsworth (2005) - Clip Bathroom, pre

Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip Puppets in Box - 3400:33

Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip Puppets in Box - 34

335px-Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip Puppets in Box - 34

Misty is a Blue Mouse in the Baby Einstein series. She made appearances in Baby MacDonald, Baby Van GoghBaby Santa's Music Box, Baby Galileo,  Baby Wordsworth and more. And a Bonus Puppet Show in World of Words


Born in Korea in 1985, She took up the language at 3.

Her favorite foods are Beans, Cheese, Blue paint with Sprinkles, Milk, Flour, and Stew.


Age: 12

Nickname: Dollfan

Favorite quote: Ugh! I can't find my top.

Friends: Zorra The Lion, Roger The Rooster and Bard The Green Dragon

Enemies: Animated crayons

Loves: Doll videos

Strengths: She records videos of her dolls

Weakness: She's a drama queen

Favorite Color: Blue (she also likes turquoise)

Favorite Activity: Math

Favorite Sport: Swimming

Favorite Thing: TV

Favorite Game: Don't Spill The Beans

Favorite Cartoon: Pokemon

Favorite Movie: An American Tail

Her first appearance is in Baby van Gogh where she was in Her Kitchen drinking blue paint with sprinkles (footage which was later seen in world of colors).

Her next appearance is in Baby Santa's Music Box, where she was looking at a red present. In the dancing scene,  She danced with Bard The Green Dragon.

In Baby Galileo, she ate a cheese moon, and after the end credits, she looked for another one.

In Baby MacDonald, she tried to get milk from a cow, but didn't succeed. It ended when she got covered in milk. In the dancing scene, she danced with Theo van goat ( Vincent's brother).

She and Her brother Chilla made a brief appearance in Baby Dottile:Neighborhood Animals, when they were food fighting. Their mother, Violet, came and saw them. Surprised, they threw flour in her face by accident. After this, they ran off (footage which was later seen in animals around me).

She later appeared in Baby Wordsworth, Animals Around Me, World Of Colors, and World of rhythm.


If my feelings turn to blue,

I toss some happy in my stew

And slurp it up without a spoon

And gaze up at the milky moon

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