Baby-Van-Gogh 2 2015 Introducing Red!

Baby-Van-Gogh 2 2015 Introducing Red!

Red in Baby Van Gogh

Moose, or Red Moose, is a character in the Baby Einstein series. Moose appeared in Baby Van Gogh, where he jumped around in his bedroom. He had trouble fighting the wind, which pulled his scarlet cape. He wore a scarlet cape and crimson trousers. His next appearance is in Baby Santa's Music Box, where he pops out of a stocking after the title card shows, and when he later replaces Paddlin' Penguin , he watches a nutcracker troll that later replaces a wind up drumming soldier & a Robot. He appears in Baby Santa's Music BoxBaby Van Gogh and the discovery kit World Of Colors


When I wake up feeling red

I swoop down from by litttle bed

Throw on a cape, rush out the door

And leap cross the scarlet floor


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