Baby-Van-Gogh 2 2015 Introducing Red!00:28

Baby-Van-Gogh 2 2015 Introducing Red!

Red in Baby Van Gogh

Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip 5 Min Sneak Peek04:21

Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip 5 Min Sneak Peek

Red In Baby Santa

Morris is a  Red Moose in the Baby Einstein series. Morris appeared in Baby Van Gogh, where he jumped around in his bedroom. He had trouble fighting the wind, which pulled his scarlet cape. He wore a scarlet cape and crimson trousers. His next appearance is in Baby Santa's Music Box, where he pops out of a stocking, and when he later replaces a penguin Or bonker , he watches a nutcracker troll that later replaces a wind up drumming soilder & a Robot. He appears in Baby Santa's Music BoxBaby Van Gogh and the discovery kit World Of Colors. He is friends with Issac the lion and Zorra The Lion. He doesn't have a sister named Annabelle yet! And when his Teacher Dr. Syndrome! He Knows to Speak All the Romanian From Language Nursery


Born in Romania in 1991, he took Romanian language at 3.

His favorite beverage is Romainian Burgundy.


Age: 14

Nickname: Knuckles

Favorite Quote: Vincent Calls Me A Knucklehead

Friends: Issac The Lion, Zorra The Lion , Vincent Van Goat, Vivan Van Goat

Enemies: Animated crayons

Loves: Punching his knuckles calling him chuckles

Weakness: He loses weight by jumping on the trampoline

Favorite Color: Red (He Also Likes Burgundy)

Favorite Activity: Art

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Thing: TV

Favorite Cartoon: American Dragon: Jake Long

Favorite game: The ladybug game

Favorite Movie: Bambi

Behind the scenes

He was puppeteered and voiced by his Romanian teacher, Arik Hazen.


When I wake up feeling red

I swoop down from by litttle bed

Throw on a cape, rush out the door

And leap cross the scarlet floor

Role in the movie

Morris is the chief spy from Delaware. They infiltrate The chemical factory Morris initiates operation Illinois 21, which is to get in unseen, but fails. Jake kills Morris by shooting him in the stomach with a hunter's rifle, which caused the latter to fall to his death.



"We got red cards."

"Well, let's go to Taco Bell."

"Oh No It's Broken!"

"You are an idiot hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"


False content [1]

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