This article is about Oinky The Pig. For his son see Fregley The Piglet With AIDS,
Th baby-einstein-pig-puppet

As a Puppet

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Oinky The Pig was a half minor half main character on Baby Einstien

He made his debut in Neighborhood Animals, where he is seen at the opening, he is later seen singing Old Macdonald With Emily, after that, he drove a tractor.

In Numbers Nursery, he and 2 of his clones appear in the 4 scene along with Gregory The Foal.

He had a big part in Baby MacDonald, we see him and his clones going down the mud slide (The real Oinky is wearing a hanckechief), he see him wearing the plant to trick Nathan The Horse, after that, he and his clones celebrated the harvest,

In Animals Around Me, his clip in the Old Macdonald was refilled with Him singing with Betsy The Cow and Nathan The Horse. His scenes were reused

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