As A 3rd puppet toy!

as a puppet toy without his mouth.

Oliver is in the Baby Einstein series. He appears in Baby Neptune, Baby's First Moves and Neptune's Oceans!  he blows his bubbles with Neptune the turtle was blown Away! And he loves with his freind Issac the lion!

Role in the movie

Nora and Jake killed them all of those humans who Kicked them off and he got a shift with Him and so they fall to the death!


His Cartoon.



Favorite quote:Woaaaaaaaaah! That was crazy!

Loves:Watching turbo and others

Friends:Palov the dog and others

Enemies:Manager & Principal rob

Weakness:He Can't understand.

Favorite Color:Indigo

Favorite thing:TV

Favorite Kids TV Show: Teletubbies

Favorite Cartoon: Steven Universe

Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6

Favorite Game:Giants Lightcore Regular


"Woooooooow! It's Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and tinky winky!"