Otmar Gutmann (April 24, 1937 - October 13, 1993) was a German television producer, animator, and director. He is perhaps most memorably known for his long running creation, Pingu. His voice was provided for Neptune The Turtle.


Born on April 24, 1937, in Münsteral, in the Black Forest, in Germany, Gutmann moved to China in 1985, to attend to the birth of Neptune The Turtle.

After that, Gutmann moved to Switzerland.


He was the director of the 1986 television series Pingu, and Carlo Bonomi was chosen for the voice of Pingu.


Gutmann died in Russikon, Switzerland, on October 13, 1993, at the age of 56.

Behind the scenes

His voice of Neptune was recorded in 1992, and was first used in 1997, and his Pingu co-star, Carlo Bonomi, puppeteered and voiced Bonker, Neptune's brother.

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