Pavlov on drugs

335px-Baby Einstein Baby Beethoven (2007) - Clip Puppets - 46

Not So look (Kyle)

335px-Baby Einstein Numbers Nursery (2003) - Clip Puppets and Animals- 26

His Freinds!


similary Plavet The Dog

Pavlov is a Baby Einstein character. He hosts Neighborhood animals and appears in Baby Newton, Baby Beethoven, Numbers Nursery, Baby Wordsworth, On The Go, Baby's First Moves, Baby Mozart (10 year version), World Music, Baby's first sounds (in cartoon) and Animals Around Me. He also appears on a bonus puppet show from Baby Noah and My First Signs.


Age: 69

Nickname: Zodiac Killer

Favorite quote: can i kill the turtles?

Friends: True Crime Community, 9gag and Tumblr

Enemies: FBI, Reddit and Discord

Loves: True Crime Community

Weakness: he's a normie

Favorite color: red because it's the color of blood and he's very edgy rawr XD

Favorite activity: mass murder

Favorite sport: Hunger Games

Favorite thing: Human skeletons

Favorite Cartoon: Happy Tree Friends

Favorite game: Sea Man