As a puppet toy

Penelope is a penguin Who is In the Baby Einstein Series. She appears in Baby Santa's Music Box, Baby Noah,  Baby's First Moves, World Music, (Mean Her mom), On The Go and Neptune's Oceans!  She Later Replaced Morris The Moose in 2004 and along with Bonker and neighton and wellignton and a dolphin and pavlov and issac in 2018, While watching a wind up drumming soldier later replaced by a nutcracker troll and along with Buzz Lightyear in 2004 and 2015! She was Seen Again with her brother Bubba walking and seeing a snowman! 


  • Age: 5
  • Nickname: Pingu
  • Favorite Quote: LETS RACE AGAIN!
  • Loves: Class & others
  • Freinds: Waldo and others
  • Enemies: Animted Crayons & Animated Shapes
  • Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
    Blue Mouse and Penguin

    Penelope & misty

    Weakness: She likes Watching pingu while she Can't Flap her wings!
  • Favorite Color: Orange (Also loves Red.)
  • Favorite Sport: Swimming
  • Favorite thing: TV
  • Favorite Game: Giants Lightcore Regular
  • Favorite Animal Quote:---- You Manager!
  • Favorite Cartoon: Pingu

Role in the Movie

Nora Kidnaps Her and she Got away when the Car Got Back, Pushed the stink button and she Falls to her Death!


"OMG!" Baby einstein shorts

"Giants Lightcore Regular ShOUCH!" (As she hit her.)

"4584ht959u4btbeb5t485" (Glitched)


Mark The Penguin (another Brother Seen In Baby's first moves and other.)

Bubba the Penguin (Brother Seen In Baby santa!)

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