Raichu the Great (a.k.a Pia) is a Baby Einstein Enthusiast who makes YouTube Poops. She has been a fan of Baby Einstein since she was born, Her YouTube avatar is Vincent Van Goat (same on the Wiki) but during the holiday season it changes to the reindeer from the cover of Baby Santa's Music Box (the 2000 version). Her favorite characters are Bard the Dragon, Bella the Cat, Misty the Mouse, Isaac the Lion, Vincent Van Goat, Pavlov the Dog, and Boss Bird (in no particular order).

She also likes to draw the characters and make some Baby Einstein OCs (Original Characters) that she uses in roleplays, Raichu also roleplays using canon characters too. Her favorite Baby Einstein video is Baby Van Gogh and her second favorite is Baby Shakespeare. Raichu also owns three Baby Einstein puppets, and one of them is a Vincent Van Goat Legends and Lore puppet. It lost it's left ear when she was playing with it two years ago (ironically it's the ear that's bandaged in the official art), but it's in a closet with some of her other stuffed animals.

Raichu also owns the Baby Van Gogh 2003 DVD and the Numbers Nursery 2003 DVD. She used to have all of the '04 DVDs before she lost them all.

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