Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip 5 Min Sneak Peek04:21

Baby Einstein Baby Santa's Music Box (2007) - Clip 5 Min Sneak Peek


The Red Reindeer is a character in the Baby Einstein series. One of his famous appearances is Baby Van Gogh, where he was the main character in the red skit. The Bedroom where he sleeps has white walls with gray speckles, a burgundy lamp with a twisting handle and white light, a burgundy bed with a rose colored sheet and brownish-white striped, white, and cranberry-white speckled pillows, and scarlet floors, and burgundy curtains with burgundy lines(He loves burgundy!). He and his relatives dance in the red skit. Before that, Red had problems fighting against the wind, which dragged his cape, but he succeeded. Red Dino is said to have fought with him at one point!

He also was in the beginning of Baby Santa's Music Box where he pops out of a stocking and sings a high note.


When I wake up feeling red,

I swoop down from my little bed,

Throw on a cape, rush out the door,

And leap 'cross the scarlet floor.


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