Roger The Rooster is a minor character in Baby Einstien.  

He made his debut in Baby Macdonald,  then he appeared in Animals Around Me and a bonus puppet show from World of colors and a new puppet show from   


Preparing to close a shop with Julie The Sheep And Noah The Elephant



the 10 year version of Baby Beethoven. He will appear in 20 year version of Baby Santa's Music Box.  

He has a red mow-hawk red bracelet red arms red lower body, orange upper body yellow beak blue wings,and blue tail and a pink tongue.

He is first seen at the beginning of Baby MacDonald, where he wakes up, sees the sun, and crows for the very first time. He is then seen trying to wake up Nathan The Horse who surprises him. He is seen again doing a sound choir with Wellington Van Cow and Julie The Sheep, he gets a feather hung in his throat so Wellington sprays his mouth and they succeed. At the end of the Chicken verse in old Macdonald, he pushes the previous segment of a baby in an egg costume, thus beginning the Rooster verse. He is then seen dancing in the harvest (we assume he is the DJ) and when the music is over, he crows. He and Gobbles Random Goat are seen getting a carrot from the field. He is then seen on the roof and the sun goes down and he yawns. He is last seen sound asleep on the roof. In the 10 year edition of baby Mozart, he crows and wakes up Julie The Sheep. In the special version of baby bethooven, he is seen playing a drum but he is shortly interrupted by Pavlov. In Animals around me, after flying cow flies, he is seen napping next to the tv and is interrupted by Betsy The Cow who shakes a bell and wakes him up, Roger crows. His latest appearance is in a parade which ends his final appearance, He has been confirmed to be in the 2018 Baby Santa, where he and Quacker The Duck will be making an ornament. He will be seen again where Quacker turns on the radio and Roger crow

There has been speculation about his verse in old Macdonald being cut, it would be replaced by a cartoon version of Quacker The Duck sliding from the left quacking.

Baby Einstein Baby McDonald (1997) - Clip Old Mcdonald Song - 1 3701:37

Baby Einstein Baby McDonald (1997) - Clip Old Mcdonald Song - 1 37



Roger Crowing at the end of the harvest


An instance of crowing


Before He Coughs

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